5 Reasons To NOT Hate Your EX

5 Reasons to NOT Hate your EX

Break ups are traumatic and can often result in depression. It may take months or even up to a year to overcome a heart break. But does that mean that we can badmouth our ex-boyfriend or girlfriend?  Or open their private diaries in front of others coz now we hate them?  Abuse them and speak badly of them all the time? Is it fine to keep hating them and speaking negatively for them always? [ Read: Harsh Truth: Never Use SEX as a Weapon ]

5 Reasons to NOT hate your EX

There might be one or maybe a couple of reasons why you broke up with somebody, but remember that there were several reasons why you fell in love with them and shared a happy part of your life with them. There might be just one reason to keep hating your EX but there are at least 5 reasons why you shouldn’t hate them!

  1. Don’t give them the power

If you keep hating or dwelling in negative thoughts of your EX, it simply means that you have made them your controller and you have become a puppet in their hands. It is fine to dislike somebody because of a break up, but hating and extreme emotions will hurt you in the long run. If you are still hating on them and ranting abuses for them, it only shows that you have still not accepted that you have had a break up. Be calm and composed; remember the good things that you shared and let go of the negativity for your own good. [ Read: 8 Worst ways of breaking up with someone ]

  1. Move on

Clinging on to the past memories, and how he/she ill-treated you or insulted you, will only keep you in the shackles of the past. Letting the past go, freeing yourself from past memories and their behavior will help you move on. Even if you hate them, remember that your mind is constantly occupied with their thoughts and actions, which will hinder you from moving on to better and bigger things for yourself.

  1. Happier times

We might keep our dresses, shoes or furniture even after they have worn out, or become old, then why should we throw off human beings who were a major part of our lives once upon a time? There could be several reasons of a break up, maybe the long distance, or the family objection, or career motives, that does not make your EX a bad or a horrible person. In fact, today, many people are comfortable being friends with their EX, since they know them too well. Though it is a risky road, but it has its benefits. Trashing your former lover is not a wise thing. It is fine to keep away from them or avoid them, but it is not okay to constantly whine about them or abuse them! If you constantly crib about your EX, it also shows your weakness and your inability to keep a relationship going.  [ Read: 11 signs that he is two-timing you ]

  1. Be the bigger person

Maybe your EX is being childish about your break up, and making a fuss about it. He or she might even be crying all the way, but it is important that you become the bigger person and let them vent out. More so, if you are the one who has decided to break-up? It is not necessary, that break ups mean horrible things or bad things in life. Yes, they can be hard or difficult to cope up with. But they can also mean that there is a new beginning to happen, something new would come your way.

  1. Let go

Holding on to your fears, insecurity or bad memories of the relation will do no good. When you have lost the person itself, what use are the negative thoughts or actions which they ever did? When the person, themselves have become less important to you, why do their actions mean much to you? Letting go requires courage and only strong people with will to survive and excel can do that. Let go of the past and open your arms wide to embrace a new future! [ Read: 7 reasons why you can’t get him off your mind ]

Do you still hate your EX? How did you cope up with your break up? Do share with us in the comments section.