5 Reasons Never to Eye Your Partner’s Best Friend

5 Reasons Never to Eye Your Partner’s Best Friend

You have a great relationship with your partner. You both like each other and enjoy each other’s company. Everything is going smoothly until one day your partner introduces you to their smart best friend! And boy, you can’t stop thinking about your partner’s best friend. As you meet the best friend more often, you start liking them more and more and start losing interest in your own boyfriend or girlfriend. [ Read: Best Friends Listen To What You Don’t Say ]

5 Reasons Never to Eye Your Partner’s Best Friend

Well, this is not an imaginary situation. It has happened to many couples. No, Wait! It happens to ‘most’ couples. Why? Because there is always a good looking best friend of either the girl, or of the guy. And more often than not, the best friend is either hitting on you, or you are hitting on them and have a crush on them. You want to get out of your present relation and mingle with them! [ Read: Double Date with other couples – Pros and Cons


 Is this sane? Is this fair? Is it worth it? The answer to all the questions is NO.  There are very few people who can be happy with their boyfriend or girlfriend’s best friend forever, with their ex in their life.

Here is why eyeing your partner’s best friend is a deal breaker and is NO good.

  1. Destroying a relationship

Remember that if you are breaking up with your partner for somebody else, you are destroying a relationship, which might be absolutely perfect in the eyes of your partner. Also, what you are feeling for your partner’s friend might just be an infatuation or a crush. Is it completely sensible to just throw away what you have built with your partner over the time, for a fling or casual feelings? In the long term, it will always be remembered as a ‘regret’ by you. [ Read: Find out are you Dating a Married Man? ]

  1. Destroying a friendship

Also, by eyeing your partner’s best friend you are doing no good to their friendship. They will absolutely break off and might become enemies for life. Just take a moment and think, what you are doing to both of those people. Remember that you might break someone’s faith over love and friendship by your selfish motives merely for a fling. You are stealing the person of two most important factors in life, i.e. love and friendship!

  1. Hurting the ego

 Break-ups are normal. Everyone is okay with them after some healing time. It could be because of mutual differences, long distance, career problems or due to the attraction to other people. But when this attraction is to the own best friend, it hurts like a lightning that has struck upon you. It hurts the person’s ego to no end. Since the person knows his girlfriend and best friend, well, he might not be able to stop picturing them together and this could be as very traumatic as we say. [ Read: Affairs in a Marriage and the Big Role of Egos in It ]

  1. Back stabbing

Worst part is, it is considered as the ‘back stabbing’. It is the “girl code”, the “bro code” and all the other codes of the universe that a bro should never eye a bro’s girl and a girl should never eye her girlfriend’s guy. Moreover, you are ditching your own partner for somebody who he or she introduced you with, at the very first place. If it wasn’t for your partner, you wouldn’t have even known them! Sound very evil indeed.

  1. Comparison factor

Even if you do manage to break-up with your partner and stay with their best friend, and build a relationship with them, there will always be a comparison factor. He or she might ask, frequent questions about you and your ex (aka their best friend). And the answers of those questions will lead to constant comparisons every now and then which will eventually lead to fights and then a big break-up heretofore! [ Read: How to Apologize and Say Sorry to a Lover ]