10 Qualities of a Real Man in a Relationship

10 Qualities of a Real Man in a Relationship

Everyone claims to care a lot about the relationships they are in, but out of  all of them, there are very few who really care to preserve the bond that exists between the two. You do want to know the qualities of a real man in a relationship, don’t you?

10 Qualities of a Real Man in a Relationship

Well, read on to find out what those qualities of real man are:

  1. Always takes care of your needs:

He knows no compromise when it comes to taking care of your needs. Even if it’s not possible for him, he would try his level best to do whatever he can to help you. Whatever your needs may be, he always keeps them at the top of his priority list. He knows the importance of your needs and would never disappoint you by saying it isn’t possible. [ Check out: 6 Things To Know Before Moving On To A New Relationship


  1. Would accept his faults and always forgive yours:

This is the best quality in him. No matter how minor his fault is, he accepts when he is wrong. He is ready to apologize even if he didn’t really do anything at all! On the other hand, if you have made a mistake, he would simply forgive it with a smile on his face, and tell you it’s okay. According to him, it is always his fault, and never yours. That’s really sweet of him. He is open minded in accepting his mistakes and in forgiving yours.

  1. Always there to help you out:

No matter what type of problem you are facing, he would never take the risk of delaying to help you out in the situation. He would be available whenever you need his presence. To be the one beside you, always and forever is what he would always wish for and he wants you to see that in his actions.

  1. Is not suspicious:

The biggest reason why relationships suffer is suspicion. Having your partner watch over every move you make can get annoying. Every relationship needs space and every relationship is bound to have its limits and that’s well understood by him. He knows very well what true love is, and also what it means to be a real man. Have you ever noticed that he never demands that you stay away from any particular person? That is because he has lot of faith in you. What could go wrong when you are with such a man?

  1. Stays calm during fights:

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are arguing with him, he prefers to stay calm and quiet? That’s because he knows that you’re not in a good mood, and something he says could worsen the situation. It is always better not to carry on arguments for too long, and he completely believes in that. And so he stays calm until you finish pouring out your heart to him.

  1. Is never rude:

No matter how tensed he is, you will never get to see any rude behavior from him. He would talk to you with lot of patience and respect, when you are not in the best mood. He may be tensed about office work or something might be on his mind, but he’s still perfectly nice to you. That’s reveals the real man in him. [ Also read: 12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship. SHH! ]

  1. Never makes you feel bad:

He makes sure that he doesn’t hurt you, even by mistake. He tries to avoid any kind of situation that could make you feel bad.

  1. Finds time for you:

A real man in a relationship would never make excuses and run away from the responsibilities that he is supposed to be carrying out. He always finds time for the girl he loves and always responds immediately when you need him for any help, even if it’s a very small thing. He knows the worth of the relationship that he is in and would never ruin it at any cost. Whenever you want him, he makes himself available for you .

  1. Never let you be sad:

He’s always trying to make sure you aren’t sad about anything. The best thing about him is that you would always find him by your side when you think you are alone. You’d always wonder how he knows about what you are going through! It is just because of the fact that he understands you more than you understand yourself and he can’t bear to see you unhappy.

  1. Can change for you:

Although it isn’t really fair, a real man who really cares about the relationship he’s in would even change himself just to suit you. He’s ready to make sacrifices just to make you happy. [ Read here: 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Relationship TODAY ]

Do search for the above mentioned qualities in the man with whom you are in a relationship and know if you’re with the right one. Let us know if you’re one of the lucky ones!