5 Important Ability of Commitment In Love One Can’t Miss

5 Important Ability of Commitment In Love One Can't Miss
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5 Important Ability of Commitment In Love One Can’t Miss

Being in love is amazing, it makes the world go round, life seem rosy and everything looks amazing. It heightens your senses. You see the colors for how vibrant they are, you smell the aromas of the world, you notice cute kids and flowers and glitter and everything that makes your heart go awww. That’s what love does to you!

You know what makes love so wonderful – it is the fact that you have someone to share your life with, someone who is committed to you for life! That’s what makes it all worth it. If you are in a new relationship, chances are you are pretty confused as to whether this relationship is for keeps.

If you are wondering whether the person you love is equally committed or not, here are a few tests to run him/ her on.

  1. They are there for you, always

Only a person who is in it for the long run will invest time to be with you come what may. If he/ she is the person you hear from in the morning and go to sleep speaking to them, know that they are as interested in you as you are in them. Being available for the person all the time denotes that they have your best in their heart and would do anything to make sure that you are looked after, and if they have to go the extra mile to ensure that, they will do it.

  1. Spending quality time is essential

Does your partner make time always to make sure that you both catch up regularly? Does your partner stress on spending quality time regularly? These are clear signs that your partner is committed and needs to make sure that the relationship works out. Quality time together means communication. Constant communication means better understanding, and this all leads to a healthy relationship. A person spends quality time only with those who they actually love and cherish. Spending time together is the key to making memories, and who do you make memories with? The people you know you will have with you for a long time.

  1. From gossip to troubles, they are all ears

Is your guy/ girl a good listener? When you need anything – from airing your views, voicing your concern, gossiping about a colleague to venting it out – who do you turn to? If your answer is your girlfriend/ boyfriend, then know that you have hit the jackpot. With the times as crazy as they are, it is difficult to get someone who would want to hear you, no matter how stupid or juvenile your talks may sound. If you have found such a person – keep them.

  1. Making you feel special is their agenda

Who do you want to feel special? The people who matter to you, right? If your guy/ girl make efforts to make you feel special, thank your stars. Efforts to making someone feel special is a very vital sign of commitment. Why else would you invest your time and energy to make someone else happy? No matter how big or small the gift is, no matter how elaborate or simple their plans may be, what matters is the thought behind it.

  1. They are invested in the relationship

The biggest sign of commitment is being invested in a relationship. Only when are you in a relationship for the long haul would you be able to invest everything you have – time, energy and resources – for the other person. Being invested means making time and efforts to get to know the person, and to understand them. It means that you care for the person enough to ensure that you know their likes and dislikes, and act accordingly. When you plan to spend your whole life with someone, it calls for a certain level of personal investment, and when a person does that, he is in with you for a long time.

While love is the very basis of any relationship, being committed is what makes the people in the relationship keep going. With only love and attraction, but no commitment, a relationship cannot survive for long. For a relationship to sustain, it is important for both the people to be equally committed.