5 Fun Ways to Add Spark into Your Relationship

5 Fun Ways to Add Spark into Your Relationship

Every relationship has a low point. After a while, everything becomes quite predictable, you know each other’s routine and there’s not much left to discover in the relationship. This might result into you being less excited about your relationship. Some people even go ahead to cheat during such phases. This situation can be dealt with, if proper care is taken at the right time, before your relation reaches a dull phase. One must always try to add sparks and more fun into their relation to make it sustainable and prolong its life.

5 Fun Ways to Add Spark into Your Relationship

Let’s see a few fun ways in which you can add spark into your relationship!

    1. Increase the romance quotient

Increase the romance quotient and surprise element in your relation. Too many things are the “usual” and “routine”. Make heart shaped froth in his coffee this morning. Leave her a love note at her dressing table. Dedicate songs to each other on Radio. Try to make your partner happy with small things you can do. Drawing a heart on the washroom mirror is enough for them to give you a wide smile. Take the first step to hug them, do silly things like holding your ears to wrap up your fights. Make your partner laugh and enjoy spending some alone time with them devoid of any distractions. [ Check out: Core of all #Relationships is Spiritual


  1. Behave like a newly married couple

Much of what happens is the result of our thought process. Behave like you both are newly married and you both will feel the chills and spark again in your relation. Go on dates again. Go to places you both used to visit when you were dating. Skip lunch and meet each other from your work places. Go out post coming from work. Try to stay less and less at home. Go to places you always decided to visit. Do things to make your partner happy and joyful. Paint the town red while behaving like teenagers in love. Take photographs and selfies of each other in front of the mirror or at exotic locations!

  1. Take break from routine life

It is essential that you both take sufficient breaks from routine life. Get rid of the daily hassles and responsibilities. Take a break, go out impromptu or take a leave for a week and head outside the country. Take your vacation clothes with you. Try out new resorts and hotels. Pamper yourself and have a change of environment. Go to romantic places like beaches and hill stations. Enjoy the weather. Go for a walk hand in hand. [ Also read: These 10 tips will help you keep a happy #relationship ]

  1. Try out different clothes

Trying our new looks or different clothes can get you a lot of attention from your partner. If you have had long hair forever, get a pixie hair cut to surprise your partner. Get rid of baggy and old clothes. Try out new, stylish and fitted clothing. Try out new dresses, skirts and leggings! Guys can try to go with a rugged look by increasing their facial hair or completely clean shaven look. Grow your hair long or try the bald look. You’ll can dress stylishly and use glares. Don’t go for routine shirts and simple t-shirts. Instead try something new. Try t-shirts with captions like “One Woman man”, which will definitely make your wife feel special.

  1. Spend time apart

If you both spend just too much time together, it will become routine and dull. Make efforts to spend some time apart, to make the time you spend together special and romantic. It is essential that you both see different people and not always go out together. Maintain your own distinctive personalities while still loving your partner.  If you spend time apart, only then will you realize the importance of your partner in your life. You have to miss them enough in order to love them more! Don’t always be available to each other. Maintain your priorities in life. [ Read here: 5 ways to stay loyal in a #relationship ]

What are your quick fixes to add spark and excitement into your relationship? Share your views and opinions with us in the comments section.