4 Traits of Healthy Relationships


4 Traits of Healthy Relationships

Being in a Relationship is a special feeling. Healthy Relationships is the feeling of knowing that there is someone, especially for you. But the exciting thing is that we can do much  more to increase our chances of having terrific relationships—relationships that are fulfilling and exciting, rich with meaning, joy, and love.

So here is my list of 4 essentials that make up a healthy relationship:

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Honest Communication:

An honest Communication is key for a successful and healthy relationship. If you can’t be yourself in front of someone you are in a relationship with, then there is no point in being in that relationship.

healthy relationship-communication
Communication is the key.


One of my favorite quotes is, “Rome was not built in a day”.

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It holds perfectly well for building up a relationship. It takes time, to take in all the likes and dislikes and preferences of your partner. It’s not your fault neither it is your partner’s fault, it is just a passing phase of life.

Loyalty-key for healthy relationship:

It’s sad to say that, it is one of the missing elements in today’s modern relationships.

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healthy relationship-loyalty
Loyalty is worth everything

Just remember, that your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s wandering eyes are not a problem until in their minds they are clear that you are the only one who can accept them with their flaws. Sadly in today’s time, everybody is in a hurry, all the time. And this mentality has spoiled our relationships more than anything else. If, “he is not complying to what I want” or “she just does not understand me”, are the reasons for your break up then I urge you to please give your relationship a bit more time and a bit more loyalty from your side. These two times are like light and water to a plant.

The Element called fun:

Yes! This point is as trivial as it sounds. Having small joyful moments with the one you love is like oxygen for your relationship.

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Healthy relationships
Fun is important

And it is this trivial element that goes missing immediately when a fling mutates into a relationship. Why?

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Having fun with your partner is just like oxygen to your relationships. SO, go on those long drives and those lazy evenings that you two shared beckon.