4 Tests To Determine If He’s Mr. Right


4 Tests To Determine If He’s Mr. Right

My sister recently came out of a 2-year-long relationship. The guy she thought to be her Mr. Right, betrayed her trust for someone else. This got me thinking, that if a smart and independent lady like my sister could make the colossal mistake of taking a complete duchbag as her Mr. Right. Then this might be the situation of all you pretty ladies out there.

So in this article, I bring you 4 definite test which will help you weed out the guy who can  actually be your  Mr. Right, from the pretentious duchbags.

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Get into a fight with him.

The sole purpose of this test is to get him out from his pretentious mode (If he is using one with you).I strongly believe that you can’t really know a person until you have had a nasty fight (by nasty I mean going till the verge of killing each other).

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Mr.right- stop-fighting-with-your-girlfriend
Get in a fight

The best quality of the fire called anger is that it burns away everything superficial and reveals the true character of a person.

He is the one sign: If he actually listens to the things that you are trying to say and he does a good job of sticking to the point of the argument.

He is not the one sign: he loses his cool easily and if, “I need to win this argument” is written all over his face.

So go ahead, have a fight, I never said that finding Mr. Right will be easy.

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Go on a cross country drive.

No, I am not suggesting road trip ideas just for fun, there is a deep ulterior motive to it.

Mr. right-roadtrip
Go on a trip with him

This test is to check Who this Mr. Right of yours is? Just a warm and fuzzy person that you have met over a couple of dates or a complete wreck who has just put on a mask of the gentleman that you are looking for. These long trip will be the ultimate test, the way he deals with adverse situations like  you two getting lost,  tire blowing up, the campsite doesn’t  hold your reservation, etc. Everyone behaves well at the coffee table, it’s during the actual hardship that true colors bleed.

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Watch him around other women.

A lot can be said about a man by observing the way he treats women around him and in his life. Here, I am not talking about the girls his age but also the women elder to him, his aunt, his mom etc.

He is the one sign: with other girls he talk casually but when he talks with you, there is a scent of eagerness.

He is not the one sign: He is behaving very detached when he speaks to you and is around you, and he tries to talk to every other girl whether he need to or not.

Watch you Mr. right lose

Being humble is easy when you are winning, but it takes real character and maturity to be humble and gracious when you lose. The man who knows that he is made of winner material no matter what be the situation outside—victory or defeat—does not bother him enough to change him or his principles as a person. This is the kind of man who is a keeper.

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So these are the four definitive points which will help you find the Mr. right that you deserve and not get lost in the appearances and pretentiousness.