4 Reasons why Love Letters are Awesome

4 Reasons why Love Letters are Awesome

“I can’t stop thinking about you, since we last met.” “There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking about you.” “I can’t ever forget the way you looked the day we first met.” – An Extract from Love Letters

“Your smile was so mesmerizing I lost my heart to you that very moment.” “The way you held my hand, I knew there was something great going to happen between us.”  [ Read: Boy Writes an Emotional Letter for his Girlfriend to SAVE their 6 Years Old Relationship ]

4 Reasons why Love Letters are Awesome

“I absolutely love you, more than you could ever fathom. I am head over heels for you and my only wish in life is to make you laugh a lot, even if it means that I have to make a complete idiot of myself!” [ Read: How a Programmer Coded His Love Letter in Unique Way


“Every breath that I take, every action that I make, every morning that I wake, I can’t help but miss you!” “This is just to remind you that I am deeply, crazily and madly in love with you, your being and everything that revolves around you.” “I am so obsessed with you that I have started behaving and thinking like you and it makes me blush!”

When was the last time you heard such intense romantic words from the love of your life, or your partner? Managing work, friends and personal lives has made us so occupied that we have forgotten the intensity that passion and romance can bring to a relationship.  And what is a better sign of passion and intense love, other than a love letter. People might say that love letters are a passé, but the truth is, since they have become more and more rare, they have become more precious and romantic than ever.  If you haven’t written a love letter for your lover, what is the love that you are in? Perhaps, you can even write a love e-mail, going with the modernization. But a few romantic words of love written from one lover to another can really tickle their senses and be assured, those letters become one of the most treasured  and cherished things for them. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend ]

Here is why love letters are so awesome, and if you haven’t penned a few words of love for your partner, why you should, pronto!

  1. Memorable

Love letters, be it via email or greetings or actual letters, can be stored and become memories for a beautiful relationship. People read it now and then to remind themselves of the lovely words said by their partner, when they miss them or when they both are facing tough times. Love letters [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Husband ]

  1. Tangible

Love letters, especially via greeting or actual letters are tangible. Often people hold them in their hands, smell them and keep them close to their hearts to dissolve in the mesmerizing aura of the lovely words written by their partner. They are often kept together in a beautiful folder and they stay with the person until they die! Often people show some of their love letters and greetings to their children when telling the story of how they met each other and how it all fell together.

  1. Expressive

Often, people fail to express their deepest thoughts and feelings through verbal words or by expressions. Sometimes, one needs to take the aid of written words to pour their heart out. This is the reason that most teenagers used to express their love interest to their crush by writing them a letter. A letter is always expressive and can convey the exact state of your heart and emotions, which are difficult to do, face to face. [ Read: Woman Writes an Open Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s Future Wife ]

  1. Precious

Love letters are so precious! They are more precious than materialistic possessions that we gift our partners. Be it perfumes, mobile phones or even a laptop. They all have an expiry date but a love letter, is forever. It is eternal and nobody can steal its charisma or sanctity. It is meant to be treasured and is a souvenir for the love two people shared.

When was the last time you wrote a love letter? Share your experiences with us in the comments section!