Its his 30th Birthday! What to gift?


Its his 30th Birthday! What to gift?

Birthday Boy!

So, finally he is bidding bye to his 20’s and stepping into the 30’s, a good news indeed. So, what your planning this time?? Please! Don’t use that age old technique of “FLOWERS and PERFUMES or SHAVINGKITS or BOOKS”, c’mon now, its his 30th Birthday, celebrate it in style. Give it a thought and read below:

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Its his 30th Birthday! What to gift?

1/Considering its his 30th birthday, he is already into intense work schedule, so gift him something for the weekend. Like , may be a nice trip to any beach or any where peaceful. Accompany him or organize the trip for him and his friends. Give him a mind refreshing trip, free from his hectic work and wife (JUST JOKING (;).

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2/You know how men are, they are so busy that they forget to keep their things in place. In short, they are unorganized and messy. Socks here, towel there, file there, watch nowhere to be found! And then the lady of the house has to search for it all the way round. So be smart and gift him an electronic station organizer like, Mele & Co.Ricardo Charging Station in Java. ORDER IT NOW!

3/ Give him a royal treatment, gift him a bottle of priceless beer or wine like: Meiomi Pinot Noir,  Radius Cabernet 2014, Apothic Red, Radius Red Blend, etc and many such exquisite bottle of love. Match it up with a personalized beer or wine glass/mug.

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4/ Now as you are done with wine and beer, gift him something on which he can keep those awesome collection of wine. Like a Portable Wooden  Wine or beer carrier along with a glass holder so that, he can carry it along with him to any picnic or hangout. Sounds cool and affordable too.

5/How much do you love your man?? Do you care enough ?? I know these questions can’t measure your love for him, but still a bit of extra care is not bad. C’mon now, its his 30th #birthday, make him feel extra cared and gift him a nice yet classy piece of laptop bag. Something like pure leather and which flaunts his actual style.

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6/ How long was it when he went for a hair cut or rather an expensive hair style?? Its been really long! How can he, so busy with life and office, he hardly got time to style up himself. Gift him a nice haircut kit, which not only will help him to groom himself but will also keep him clean look tidy.

7/Gift him a wireless headphone or something like Brookstone’s wireless headphone. Believe me, he would just admire it more than all your other gifts.

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8/If your guy loves class and prefers to be simple, gift him a TOMMY HILFIGER WALLET. 

9/No matter how he is or from where he hails, a JACK DANIEL FLASK will always be loved and admired.

10/Lastly, you can present him a personalized  AGE GLASS TOKEN with his name, DOB, and also anything else you would like to mention  on it. He can keep it as a memory and show it to his children when they grow up.

Its his 30th Birthday! What to gift?

Birthday’s are always a special treat for your loved one’s, shower them more with love and care than any materialistic things. Cause at one point of time these material gifts would loose its charm, but your love, affection, care and blessings will become myriad. Have a blast 30th celebration!