7 Signs He Will Choose Another Woman

7 Signs He Will Choose Another Woman

It is very difficult to tell who is going to be faithful to you till your last breath and who would promise a lot a thing but would give up when they are supposed to stand by it. Every woman wants their men to be loyal to them, but certain cases do arise unfortunately where the men go on to choose another woman. [ Read: 10 Signs Your Partner is Having An Affair ]

7 Signs He Will Choose Another Woman

The following signs below would help you be aware if he is going to choose another woman.

  1. He has started avoiding:

He had promised to meet you, but the day never comes. Even if you keep reminding him about that then you get to hear a ready excuse. Even if you get angry then most possibly he would not bother to apologize. In the end, you would be the one calling up again and ask to fix the meeting again. The point is that he is trying to avoid you as much as possible and that clearly indicates that he is going to choose another woman. [ Read: 6 Things To Know Before Moving On To A New Relationship ]

  1. He is often found with other women:

Did you see him with someone else lately? Or very often a dependable friend of yours informs you that he saw your friend with someone else. Then it is the time to find out the reality. But before coming to any conclusion do know who that another woman is. If you don’t find any justifiable answer then it is possible that your man is no more interested in you and would soon choose another one.

  1. No more romantic:

If you cannot recall the day when he last appeared romantic to you then it is very sad to tell that something is there for you to worry about. Have you ever felt that he is no more the same man to whom you once got committed to? The best thing about a real relationship is that the freshness always remains intact even with the passage of time. But if it is gloomy for a long period then something is actually wrong.  [ Read: 9 Dramatic and Weird Things We do Post Break-Up ]

  1. Often complains about you:

He always admired the food you cooked for him, he always admired the way you asked him about how his day was like, and he always thanked lord to have got you by his side, but now no more. He now complains that you don’t cook well, that you have lost interest in cooking. He now gets hyper to tell you what he did the entire day and would even shout at the end to stop asking such irritating questions. He would now feel cursed to have got you. If these signs are becoming dominant in your daily life, then it is possible that he is not interested in you anymore and would not mind going for another one.

  1. Is growing suspicious:

When suspicion creeps into any relation then it eats up the very essence if it leaving it destroyed. Do notice how often he is asking questions on what you were doing somewhere or why was a particular person with you. In short he is now keeping a tab on you always and has started to interpret things in a wrong way.  These all are signs shows that he is trying to figure at faults in you so that he could give a valid reason to you in the end and leave you. Do watch out for such type of activities closely.   [ Read: Reasons WHY Boys LIKE Many Girls Even if They are in a Relationship ]

  1. He is often busy with someone else:

If he is spending a lot of time with someone else and always compares you with her then most probably he is getting more diverted towards her and has lost all interest from you. He would often be busy talking to someone else and would not care much about your feelings and neither would listen patiently to all the problems that you wish to share. It is very clear that he has changed a lot and is going to settle down with someone else.

  1. Is no more concerned about your feelings:

Earlier he would talk to you with a lot of respect but now more a good time span you have noticed that he don’t respect you like before. He would not even think twice before cursing you up or would scold you in front of any stranger. In the public too, you would find him walking a few meters ahead of you. He no longer walks together holding your hands. You are made to realize the fact that he is not the same person to whom you earlier knew.  [ Read: Reasons Why He Hasn’t Asked You to Marry Him Yet ]

It is very disheartening though if you find these signs in the person you trust the most, but that is called life. You would never know when a person would divert from the path you are traveling.

Have you seen someone who complains about these signs in her man lately? Do let us know.