23 Reasons Why Hugs are Amazing

23 Reasons Why Hugs are Amazing

Love is a deep emotion. Not everyone can understand it, and certainly not everybody can reciprocate it. The most common gesture of showing love, affection, inclination, concern is by hugging the other person. Hugging is a common activity that takes place when you go at a party, or in social circles. Hugs are so cool. But the make-do kind of hugging is not the one which is being referred to over here. [ Read: Sometimes It’s Better To Put Love Into Hugs. ]

23 Reasons Why Hugs are Amazing

Hugging or embracing a person to show love or care is the one which is being referred to. People give out “free hugs” to make someone’s day better or to make somebody smile. Why should you shy away from hugging the person you love? In fact, you should hug people who are depressed or in some kind of trouble, this might not solve their problem, but will definitely cheer them up.

Why does everyone crave for hugs? Why are they so special, amazing and make us feel on top of the world?

Let us see a few reasons why hugs are so amazing and so longed for by everyone in the world!

  1. They don’t involve any finances. They are FREE!
  2. They can be given by anyone, to anyone, for any reason.
  3. They make one feel protected. ( Check out: 7 rules for texting your partner
  4. Hugs have the ability to cheer up a person who is in a bad mood.
  5. Hugging is a universal language which doesn’t involve any big words, big translation.
  6. There are no rules involved. I.e. People should only hug somebody of a certain caste, creed or status.
  7. Hugging is even understood by animals, we see various videos of animals hugging the humans in return for saving them or taking care of them.
  8. Hugs connect one heart to another.
  9. Human touch can make people with the biggest illnesses recover. Hugs have the ability to improve somebody’s health. (Also read: Love and Relationships go hand in hand. )
  10. The way you hug somebody depicts what you want to tell them without using a single word.
  11. A simple hug can brighten somebody’s day.
  12. Hugs are like instant medication or yoga. Giving or receiving a hug makes one feel refreshed and happy.
  13. It builds trust and security between two people.
  14. If you are hugged by somebody, you will feel loved and appreciated for the rest of the day.
  15. Hugs can be used to console somebody in pain.
  16. Hugs can be given to express joy and excitement!
  17. Sometimes, a hug from a complete stranger can make one feel better and appreciated.
  18. Holding somebody close to your heart makes them grow closer to you.
  19. Nobody will ever say no to a hug, except of course they don’t know you at all!
  20. Hugging somebody makes the relationship that you share with that person better and helps understand each other.
  21. It lets our guards down. We have a common tendency to protect ourselves from other people, no matter how close they are. Hugging people makes us more comfortable with them and makes us less guarded. [ Read: Avoid Moving Too Fast in a Relationship ]
  22. Hugs are known to lower the blood pressure and reduce our fears. They increase one’s self esteem and makes an individual more accepting toward others.
  23. Hugging can reduce loneliness and feelings of worry and doubts amongst people.
  24. A hormone called oxytocin is released when you hug your loved ones, which makes you feel warm and loved.
  25. If you have had a bad fight with somebody, there is no better way to seek forgiveness or grant forgiveness than to hug the person lovingly.

So what are you waiting for? Hugs are not just for your partners or friends. Hug your mother, your father, your kid, your sibling, your pet, and your relatives and see them light up and a huge smile spread over their face! [ Read here: 18 ways of saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ ]

Whose hugs do you love the most? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.