21 Ways to Start a Conversation with the Guy You Like

21 Ways to Start a Conversation with the Guy You Like

You like a guy at your work or at your gym or in your neighborhood, but you don’t have the slightest idea of how you should go about it or how you must give him hints that you want to start talking to him.  It can be quite tricky to start a conversation with somebody you like, especially for girls, because they are too afraid to be taken in a wrong way.

21 Ways to Start a Conversation with the Guy You Like

Let’s see a few ways how you can start a conversation with the guy you like!

  1. Smile at him

Nothing works better than an adorable smile from a pretty girl for a guy. You might not even have to start the conversation; the guy himself might approach you!

  1. Ask for help with something

Guys love to become the knight in shining armour for damsels in distress. Ask for help with a computer application or with your car. It could be something related to your phone as well.

  1. Borrow something

Borrow something like an umbrella or a handkerchief from them. You can also ask him to lend. This will help you start a conversation with the guy you like.

  1. Ask a doubt or query

If you are new at a workplace, and you like your co-worker, you can just ask about how the biometric system works. It can be related to home loans or business loans. Guys are usually good with finance related things.

  1. Enquire about somebody

You can ask about the local hardware dealer or when does his shop open. You can enquire about the HR of your company or even about your new professor if you have missed one of their classes.

  1. Praise him

If he has a cool wrist watch or a great bike, praising him would overwhelm him! Praising or complimenting him on his sense of style, accessories and machines will make him instantly drawn to you.

  1. Weather talks

This might be a cliché. But if you are stuck in a snow storm or heavy rains, you can definitely use the weather to your advantage by talking about it.

  1. Ask for a change

If you are in the queue to buy something or at a cafeteria, asking him for a change can be a cool way to start a conversation. If you don’t have the necessary change, you can buy coffee for him too!

  1. Run into him purposely

What is better than bumping into him with a pile of books or files in your hand? Run into him purposely and begin with a “Sorry” and then go away from there quietly and submissively .

       10. Offer him your lunch

If you’ve something interesting in your lunch box or snack box, offer it to him and then start talking about how you made it and you are just learning cooking and then keep the conversation going.

       11.Talk about his interests

Talk about something that really interests him. Be it a sports game or fitness. It could be about politics or the latest trends in technology.

       12.Bring up common topics

If you have a common school or a locality, bring up those topics and mention as many people as you can to see if you have any mutual friends or relatives, which will help you talk more and maybe even gossip.

       13. Compliment his features

If he has a cool beard, a spiked hairstyle or a very prominent tattoo, start talking about that and ask him about where he got it done from and how your friend or brother wants to have one too!

       14. Like or re-tweet his posts

If he is an avid user of social media and you are in his friend list or followers, re-tweet or comment on his posts, this will help you start a conversation with him. He might even ping you!

       15. Use your surroundings as a topic

Use your surroundings, be it the elevator or the air conditioning. Just start with something like, where is the fan switch in the elevator or the air conditioning is just too cold today!

       16. Purposely mistake him for someone you know

Run into him and say that, ‘oh I thought you were someone else. Funny, how you look so much like my friend. I thought you were him. Anyway, nice to meet you! I live here close by’ and then keep it going!

       17. Talk about a past incident

Talk about something that happened at your work place or something related to your achievements in the past which might interest him

       18. Talk about a rumour

Talk about how he performed so well at the annual function or how he is so popular among your friends.

       19. Talk about a problem you are facing

People love to give advices. So talk about a silly problem that you are facing. Be it something related to your technological devices, television or your laptop!

       20. Timely queries

Ask him what the time is, and take it from there! Make sure you aren’t wearing a watch! 😛

       21. Talk about food or music

Food and music are everyone’s favourites. So start talking about something related to cuisine or a band that you enjoy listening to!

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