20 Ways to Become a Better Brother

20 Ways to Become a Better Brother

Remember Ross and Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S?  They were the cutest sibling pair. As we grow up, we tend to forget our childhood best friends – our siblings. It is difficult to maintain a good relationship with them amidst all the work stress, friends and couple stuff. Let’s read how you can be a better brother. [ Read: #Brother Writes an Emotional Letter to His Little Sister ]

20 Ways to Become a Better Brother

But having a good sibling relation often serves as a chicken soup to our soul.

So how can you try and be a better brother to your younger sibling or the elder sibling?

If you are the elder brother

  1. Set a good example. Your younger siblings probably look up to you and your behavior and personality affects their shaping personality a lot.
  2. Be caring towards them. Often parents aren’t available at all times; this is when an elder brother often plays their part and fills the void.
  3. Try being protective yet friendly. Elder brothers are often known to be protective, especially if they have a little sister. Too much protectiveness can make your sibling a rebel. Be friendly as well, somebody they can come to with their problems.
  4. Don’t bully them. Probably they face enough of it at school or in the neighbourhood; they need you to understand them. [ Read: Sister Writes an Open Letter to Her Brother as She Turns 16
  5. Be supportive of them. It is important to support your younger sibling in their pursuits. If they are volunteering at a charity event or want to pursue sports as a career, they might need your support. Have faith in them.
  6. Don’t spoil them too much. If you keep pampering them and spoiling them, they will have it tough with the outside world.
  7. Approve of their friends and buddies. Meet their friends, invite them to your parties and take some time to bond with their friends too. This makes you very cool with your sibling.
  8. Plan fun activities with them. Elder brother and younger brother can often play video games, go for bowling or enjoy a trek together. If you have a younger sister, take her to the movies or lunch occasionally.
  9. Always offer to help when in crisis. It might make you the agony aunt, but it is worth it. They will feel much lighter and better after sharing things with you. They probably will even take your advice after that.
  10. Don’t mock them. This is the least you can do. Some elder brothers tend to mock their younger brothers just because they are too bookish or are introverts. Having your own brother mock you can lower anyone’s self-esteem. [ Read: Son Writes An Open Letter To His Parents ]

If you are the younger brother

  1. Respect your elder sibling. They might not be much older, but surely they have more experience than you do. [ Check out: 20 tips to be a better father]
  2. Go to them if you need advice. They have gone through the same problems that you go through. They can guide you the best – as they are hint of friends and hint of parents.
  3. They are not your enemies if they tell you to do something. Probably they are really concerned about you. Don’t make them a villain in your mind.
  4. Be there for them. Sometimes the younger brother can be more sensible and caring than the elder one. Perhaps you need to help them and take care of them.
  5. Spend time with them whenever possible. It will improve your bond with your elder sister or brother. [ Also read: 7 Reasons why family rules are important]
  6. Making a cute card for your elder sister or doing something thoughtful for her will earn you brownie points.
  7. Trust them with your secrets. Don’t believe that if you share something with them, it will reach your parents.
  8. If you are better than your older sibling, it might hurt their ego sometimes. This can be quite tough for them. If you show an attitude to them, on top of it they might stop being around you completely. It is best to give them more due and be more modest around them.
  9. It is not cool to check their phones or personal messages when they aren’t around. If you are curious about something, it is much better to ask them upfront. Don’t invade their personal space just because it might be accessible to you. [ Read here: Loving your Family ]
  10. Don’t be afraid of them. It might be that your elder sibling is about 7 to 10 years older to you. This amounts to a certain amount of awe in the relationship but doesn’t mean they are old school or rudimentary. They might be cooler than your friends for all you know.