20 Tips to be a Better Father

20 Tips to be a Better Father

Mothers possess the maternal instinct since they bear the child in their womb. But fathers might sometimes not know how to be with their new born or their teen aged daughter.  A father plays a very important figure in every child’s life. Make sure you are doing your best to be the best dad in the world to your son or daughter. We are sharing with you tips on how to be a better father. [ Read: Whatever Good in Me is because of You]

how to be a better father

Dads usually can come off as extremely cool (liberal) or extremely strict. Which is the better one, you ask?  We say, none. It’s better to be a mixture of both the styles.

You might want to be in the good books of your children as well as want them to

  1. Converse with them. Fathers are usually known to be the ‘busier one’. But that is not the rule. In fact, if you are indeed the busier one, it is more important for you to make time and converse with your kids.
  2. Cook for the kids sometimes. Some men can be extremely good at cooking. The way to a child’s heart is also often through their stomach.  ( Check out: 7 Reasons why family rules are important
  3. Take them out. Kids love going out, more so in their father’s car. Take them to the superhero movie they want, or to the mall for shopping, or various other places they might enjoy.
  4. Attend important events in their school. Kids can get a lot of boost, when their parents see them performing for their school exhibition, play or dance event.
  5. Know their best friends, and give them importance. Invite them home for lunch or even their families. Bonding with children’s parents gets children even closer as friends.
  6. Take vacations. Vacation is an important time for family bonding. Taking them to exotic locations once a year is the best way to get them happy and playful.
  7. Don’t ever fight with your wife or anyone, in front of them. Your children might be negatively impacted by your rude behavior.
  8. If you have teen aged children. Understand that they might have peer pressure or anxieties. Don’t stress them too much about their studies and duties.
  9. Make efforts to get them talking. Often kids can be very shy when it comes to confronting their father.  It might take several efforts and patience from your side to get them talking.
  10. Encourage them to participate more in events and activities in the school, community and social circle.
  11. Be there for them. Nothing is more disappointing for a child than to receive a big “no” from their parent when they need help in something important. Like, if they counted on you to help them with their elocution competition, don’t send them back saying you are busy. Spend a few minutes just structuring their speech even that would make them content.  ( Also read: 5 ways to be a better son! )
  12. Don’t force them. Some parents try to force their children to pursue a career they don’t wish. Even worse is when mothers try to make their daughters what they couldn’t be and fathers want to make their son what they couldn’t be. Please realize that they are individuals and might have varied interests than what you had at that age.
  13. Watch their favorite shows or movies with them occasionally. This fosters more bonding and something common to talk about.
  14. Don’t be a laid back dad. Do teach them about important things of life and discipline them also, when required.
  15. Being funny occasionally wouldn’t hurt. Making your kids laugh and having a sense of humor will make you more approachable and friendly.
  16. Value their suggestions. It means a lot to your children. Sometimes it may not make sense, what they say, but eventually they will start making sense if you give them credit for their inputs in a family discussion.
  17. Always say good night to them before they go to sleep. If your kids are small, put them to bed or read a story to them.
  18. Facilitate them. If your child wants to do something interesting and useful, facilitate them with money or resources. For example, if your daughter wants to have group studies at home, give her the required space and liberty to invite her friends and make it a good experience for them.
  19. Don’t put too many restrictions just because you are too scared. You must realize that eventually they will have to go, if you keep them at home all day, they will become shy and awkward when dealing with others.
  20. Tell them how much you love them and treasure them. Being open about your feelings will shed away any doubts that your child may have, because of your unavailability or busy schedule. [ Read: #Father: Our First Hero, Celebration Is a Must ]

Do your kids call you the best dad? What is the best moment you shared with your children? Share your experiences with us.