19 Sure Signs Of Falling In Love

19 Sure Signs Of Falling In Love
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19 Sure Signs Of Falling In Love

It sounds like a cliché, but falling in love is the best feeling an individual experiences! Your body and mind are influenced and take you into a paradise which you have never imagined. However, there is a difference between being in love and loving someone just like there is a definite line between love and lust.

So how do you know whether it is true love or not? Here are some sure shot signs that will tell you have fallen into the magical world of love!

  1. Singing Songs

You feel like all love songs were written for you and every time you hear one, you can completely relate to the lyrics! It is true when they say, that love makes you understand the depth of songs. [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

  1. Blushing and flushing

Your cheeks are flushing, hands are sweating and face is blushing – basically your hormones are going wild! This is your body’s way of telling you that you are in love.

  1. Always on your mind

You wake up thinking about him/her; you sleep thinking about him/her. Your mind is just occupied with your lover’s thoughts no matter where you are sitting or what you’re doing.  [ Read: 15 Things Women See In A Man Before Falling For Him! ]

  1. Smiling all the way

You will definitely catch yourself smiling when you are alone! When you notice yourself having a spring in your walk and a laugh in your talk, you ought to know it the magic of love.

  1. Embarrassing acts

Love will make you do embarrassing things – so if you have mocked those guys who took the guitar and sang under the window for their dream girl, it is time to take your words back. Your love will make you do cheesy things you never imagined yourself doing. [ Read: 13 Simple Ways To Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong One! ]

  1. You move out of your comfort zone

You may not like surfing, but your lover is water baby so you start enjoying water; or you may not enjoy cooking, yet you cook a sumptuous meal for him/her. All this change is because you want to be one with your ‘the one.’

  1. Appearance matters

Every time you go to meet your new found love, you are dressed to kill! You put on your best attire, wear make-up and do your hair – all to impress him/her! [ Read: 7 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You ]

  1. Extra efforts

Whether it is you are working extra hours to get weekends off to spend with him/her, or ditching your family and friend to go on your date, or spending your savings on him/her, you know you are taking efforts for this person in a way you have never done before. Clearly, he/she means something to you!

  1. Lover’s joy means your joy

A smile of that person’s face means a smile on your face; while sadness for him/her, means sadness for you too. Basically, you start sharing his happiness and joy and take it upon you to be with him/her in good times as well as bad ones. [ Read: 9 Quotes about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ]

  1. Obsessive concern

What is he doing right now? Has she reached home? Will he be safe on his bike ride? Is she happy with her new dress? You are just overly concerned about the person’s feelings and security.

  1. It is all about “us”

Your vocabulary has a new addition and your conversations will always include words like ‘us’ and ‘we.’ You are in love when you always start referring the two of you as a couple. [ Read: 5 Important Ability of Commitment In Love One Can’t Miss ]

  1. Exes don’t exist

Who exes? Who crushes? You have forgotten all about your old love life, your exes do not affect you anymore and hot guys don’t attract you; because this person is the only one who matters.

  1. You go blind

Love is blind! Yes, you will overlook all the negatives and all the bad! No matter who criticises his behaviour, you think your lover is the best person in the whole world! [ Read: Biggest Signs That He Is In Love With You ]

  1. Your hearts skips a beat

You hear your phone ring and your heart skips a best in anticipation that it is him/her. Similarly, your stomach cannot help fluttering when you get a glance of him/him.

  1. Saving all the ‘firsts’

Your first movie ticket, your first dinner date receipt, your first love letter (and many more to come) – you have all these saved to treasure the memories you have shared and celebrate your new love! [ Read: Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read ]

  1. Building future dreams

You have been dreaming about your wedding with him/her, sharing an apartment with him/her and spending time with his/her family! Building castles in the air is your favourite hobby when you are in love.

  1. You are always in a good mood

No matter what is happening around you, you are not affected by it. You are living in a state a nirvana simply because love has swept you off your feet! [ Read: 15 Tips to be Nice and Loved by All! ]

  1. Plan surprises and buy gifts

You may have never planned a surprise birthday for your best friend, but for this person you will cross cities and states just to pay a surprise visit see that excited smile! Not only that, you will find yourself looking out for unique gifts to give him/her to show your affection.

  1. Look for signs of your love together

Your book shelf will have new additions of astrology book and Linda Goodman’s love signs among many others. All you seem to be doing is looking for signs that will tell you, you’ll are meant to be together! [ Read: Five Love Facts – Love Has its Reason, and That Reason is Unknown ]

You may ignore some of these signs thinking this person is special, but not ‘the one.’ Yet, if these fleeting moments have become a regular phenomenon in your daily life, you should know that it is called love. It is exciting, addictive, weird and happy! So celebrate this feeling and enjoy building your own love story!