18 Ways Of Saying I LOVE YOU

18 Ways of Saying I LOVE YOU

‘ I love you ’ are three magical words that can make anyone feel truly blessed. They can make a person smile or even cry, out of joy. These words mean a lot and should be used as often as possible with the people you genuinely love. There are so many ways of telling them that you love them and making their day. [ Read: I can’t ever unlove YOU ]

18 Ways of Saying I LOVE YOU

Let’s list out a few ways you can use for confessing your love to your loved ones.

  1. Tell them that you love them in different languages. Be it “ich liebe dich”, “je te aime” or even “tea mo”. Let them crack the code and smile away.  ( Check out: 5 Reasons why hardships make love stronger
  2. Use romantic quotes. Present them with a heartwarming quote and finish it off with ‘I love you’ to see your loved one in pure joy.
  3. A gift is the easiest way of showing your concern. A suave suit or a fine piece of diamond jewellery with a card that says ‘I love you’ is the perfect gesture.
  4. Tattoo your loved one’s name or the word ‘love’ on your body if you are fond of ink. This is a permanent sign of undying love for your partner.
  5. If you aren’t fond of tattoos doing a simple thing as writing their name on your palm with a sketch pen and showing it to them when they wake up in the morning can be quite romantic too.
  6. Make a caricature/cartoon of you and your partner if you are good at drawing and make a dialog bubble expressing love and affection in that. It is cute and creative. Alternatively, you can google many websites or softwares online that can help you in creating such a cartoon. Use it and just take a print of the same.
  7. Using social media like Facebook or twitter to express your love or posting pictures depicting your heart felt words, is a great way of saying I love you too.
  8. Make your own code language which only the two of you understand and use it to say I love you in the cutest way even in front of your friends!
  9. Send them a surprise e-greeting, showing how much you love them. Obviously, real greetings would be better and more effective. ( Also read: 7 rules for texting your partner )
  10. Use crazy symbols and slangs to say you love them. For e.g. xoxo, <3 <3.
  11. Say it with math equations. This can be funny yet sweet. You + Me = LOL (Lots of Love).
  12. Use food to say you love them. Making them a hot cup of coffee and a magical heart shaped cream froth on the coffee can be a delight to one’s eyes. You can also do it with a heart shaped omelettes or candies.
  13. Say it with a list. Prepare a list stating all the reasons why they are so awesome. For e.g. 1. I love you because…, 2. I love you because and so on. The longer the list is the better.
  14. Use their favourite television sitcom references like “You are the Ross to my Rachel! Can life BE any better?”
  15. Use placards. Demonstrate your love on a placard with bold letters and make your cute pups or dogs hold it in their mouths for you. This will definitely be an adorable way to say the three words.
  16. Relive your first date. Take them out, recall and cherish the moments you both spent together first as a couple and propose to them right there.
  17. Use funny YouTube videos or .gif pictures to display your crazy stupid love for them.
  18. Draw a heart shape on the bathroom mirror or on the window of your car, where your partner will bump into it; a simple and sweet way of displaying love.

What do you think about this post? Which is the one way you would choose out of the above mentioned ways if you had to? Share your views with us in the comments section.