18 Things You should avoid Doing on Your First Date!

18 Things You should avoid Doing on Your First Date
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18 Things You should avoid Doing on Your First Date!

First date involves a lot of pre-requisite planning which needs to be done before presenting yourself on the very first date! Just try to focus on having some quality time with the desired person. Try and make sure you avoid these 18 things which can make your date a blunder! [ Read: 50 First Date Questions to Have a Great Conversation ]

Every first date decides about the consecutive coming dates in the future! Make sure you make it a perfect one without destroying any of the moment in the first place. It makes it pretty obvious, that when you meet a good person similar to your interest and you find them to be the perfect one, then you don’t keep looking further for other people.

Definitely, it is easier said than done. But, at times there are some of the habits which should not be portrayed on the first date and if at all they can be avoided, then your place is set for the future date! [ Read: 10 Ways to Perfect Your First Date Conversation ]

Here is a list of 18 things which should be avoided if you want to make a perfect impression on the very first date!

  1. Easy plans go a long way!

If at all, you are in charge of setting up the date, then don’t go a long way to make it a more complicated one. Your plan would be a lovely one to think of but this should keep the interest of both the parties in hand. You might be a movie buff and a scenic beauty lover but your date might not be. So, make some easy plans which include only one or two activities. There should not be any pressure on any one person for doing a certain thing. [ Read: 18 Signs that Your Date Actually Likes You on the First Date! ]

2. Start covering up if there’s a need to do so!

Okay, this might sound mother like but there is actually no need to tempt other guys if you are not feeling comfortable with it. The foremost tip is to be as natural as you can be. There is no point of faking out on the first date and then showing your true unwanted colours.

3. Don’t forget to showcase your best side at the last!

The first date can happen any time whenever you both feel settled to make a next move. People may find themselves freaking out when they don’t have any of their best outfits left to wear. This should not be such a fuss as you like the person you’re going on a date with! So, just sit back and relax. [ Read: 14 Signs You’re Ruining Your First Date Unknowingly ]

4. Be natural too!

Just showing your perfect side will definitely fetch you a second date but this won’t go further than this! The ‘first date’ pressure may put you at a performance fear too but you need to overcome it. Don’t just pretend and try to be a bit more natural too!

5. Be a good listener too!

You don’t need to speak blah blah blah throughout the date. We get it that you have the ability to showcase yourself in and out but there is a need to know the other person as well. Give them the chance to speak and get to know each other to know if you both fit in. [ Read: 16 First Date Tips for Guys to Charm Your Date ]

6. Don’t be smitten by the person so easily!

Don’t just pretend if you think the joke is not funny. Don’t laugh if you don’t think the joke is funny, just be polite and smile. It’s worse when you laugh at every little thing your date says. It’s good to impress your date but don’t pretend. Let your date seek the true ‘you’.

7. Keep a check on the number of drinks!

First dates are not the right gateway to be completely out of control. Right? It’s good to loosen up by taking some drinks. Let the first date be more of fun and stability. [ Read: 13 Warning Signs To Detect On The Very First Dates! ]

  1. Basic etiquette!

It’s the most fundamental thing to do on the very first date. Keep your manners with your eyes wide open and don’t skip to use them even once. Show gratitude for the most fundamental things like thanking them for the bill and for passing the salt. It’s that easy.

  1. Focus on saying Good night!

It’s a good thing how great your date was but focus on saying good night. Don’t try and let them have a good morning from your side instead. It might have bad results afterwards or worse, misunderstandings. [ Read: Best Ways To Send Her A Perfect Good Night Text ]

  1. Its okay to sound strange!

It is obvious that it’s your first date and both of you are nervous. Both of you may have different and odd things to say but one shouldn’t clearly blow the other one off with their remarks. It’s okay to lend your ear even if the thing doesn’t interest you much.

  1. Be upfront and real!

Some girls may want to order a heavy course meal but don’t do so because of how the guy may think. Let me tell you girl, a guy will be happy if you order something which is interesting rather than hearing you saying, ‘‘Please pass me that lettuce and salad”. And, if in future you like the person, you will be seeing them again. Make sure if you want to starve every time you meet them. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush ]

  1. No ex topics!

One topic which must be avoided during the first date is of exes. It should not be discussed in utmost detail as it is not good to recall such a topic when you are starting something new. Talking about them on your first date may give an expression to your date as if you are still not over them.

  1. Future plans on the first date are a big no no!

It is good to talk about everything on the first date but not this. It’s natural to discuss about your upbringing and where you were first introduced to. It won’t be pleasing to the ears if you ask them about their settling up plans or the marriage stuff on the very first meeting. [ Read: 13 Best Ideas For A Dinner Date! ]

  1. Don’t be too quick in making an opinion!

It is an old age saying that, first impression is the last impression. It is good to hold that part but that should not stop you from knowing the other person. It is next to impossible to know a person in mere five to ten seconds. Give it sometime and see the bright results.

  1. Don’t be too cold!

It is good to keep the ”keep it cool” concept in mind while you are on the first date. But, that should not portray you as a person who is not interested in anything around the world. You are no king or queen and very few are there to pay some heed over your issues. Play it simple and not too over the top. [ Read: 12 Best Ways To Avoid The First Impression Disaster! ]

  1. You come off as a stalker only when you get caught!

Let’s admit it. We all do the stalking stuff before the first date or after the first date. It is good to know some stuff about the person but don’t bring it to the picture. It is better to know it but don’t show it.

  1. Be on time!

It’s good to be on time. It will help you in making a good and a decent impression. Being on time will give a hint to your date that you are worth their time. People will only value you if they think you are worth it. Don’t make them think otherwise. [ Read: 19 Tips And Tricks – Dating Advice For Introverts! ]

  1. Date venue!

It is a must thing to be interesting. You should set it in a way wherein you can know about each other and you can have fun as well. Give them enough time to know you but not all the spare time in which there’s a possibility of getting bored.

Don’t be so worked up and enjoy the time with the person on the first date. You never know if you find your soul mate.