18 Signs You are Just Her Friend

18 Signs You are Just Her Friend
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18 Signs You are Just Her Friend

Most guys think they will never face the friend-zone syndrome. Alas, all men do at least once in their lifetime. Yes, the famous friend’s zone – a friendship wherein one wishes for romance, while the other is happy with the friend. Some women will be upfront, but other will be subtle.

So here are some signs for all you men out there to understand whether you are hovering in the friend’s zone?

  1. She is your matchmaker

Your girl friend will ask you what kind of girls you prefer and what your ‘type’ is; or she will introduce you to her friends and colleagues in a hope that you find a suitable partner. In short, she’s being your matchmaker. [ Read: Simple Expectations of A Girlfriend From Her Boyfriend ]

  1. You are her shopping partner

You will end up going to the mall with her on a regular basis, just like any of her other girl friend. If she is interested in you, she would rather be sitting at a cafe spending quality time with you.

  1. She calls you her best buddy

She openly calls you her best friend. Do not get excited when you hear this term, assuming this is one step closer to a romantic relationship. Hear her properly and read her actions, because they may be screaming out ‘buddy’ and not ‘love.’ [ Read: Girls Here Are 10 Big Perks Of Having A Guy As Your Best Friend ]

  1. The more the merrier!

She doesn’t mind hanging out in groups; in fact every time she plans to meet you, she brings along a third wheel. Basically, she doesn’t care of spending alone time with you, but considers you as one of many.

  1. You’re so not funny

When girls laugh at your jokes and compliment your sense of humour, you know she’s floored by you. However, despite all your attempts to amuse her, she does not laugh or smile. Get the hint, boy! [ Read: 25 ways to create More Opportunity, Adventure & Friendship with Others ]

  1. It is gossip time!

Just like you are her shopping buddy, she has made you her gossip buddy too! She is always updating you with stories or calls you up to discuss a rumour. If she sees you in a romantic light, she won’t be discussing rumours and gossiping with you.

  1. You know all about her latest crush

You know you are in the friend zone when she tells you about her latest crush and discuses her love life with you. Face reality immediately, because she won’t be discussing other boys if she likes you. [ Read: 16 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend is Mean to You ]

  1. You are her guidance guru

She shoots questions as to what boys like and what should she do to impress him! Not only that, you are like her new found guru and she asks for advice on career, clothes, relationships and everything!

  1. The Agony Aunt

Do you receive a call every time she is upset and hurt? She runs to you with all her problems and expects your shoulder to cry on. Well, if she treats you like this, she truly treats you just as a friend. [ Read: 15 Kind of Girlfriends who can Make Your Life a Living Hell! ]

  1. She’s very casual

When you are together, she won’t be running around to please you or taking any effort to make you feel comfortable or give you extra attention. Instead she will be lazing around without worrying about how you are doing.

  1. She doesn’t want to be seen with you alone

When in public, she stays away from you so that people don’t tag you as a ‘couple’ and every time you plan to meet at a restaurant, she invites others as well. Get the hint mister – she does not want people to assume you’ll are together. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Girlfriend ]

  1. You always do her favours

Doing her paper work, paying her bills or fixing her car – she calls you for favours all the time. Think about it, she may be taking advantage of your niceness.

  1. She’s not dressed attractively for you

Be it sweatpants or a bad hair day, all this does not matter to her when she’s meeting you. When girls are interested in a boy, they make an effort to dress up and look pretty. So if you she is not bothered about applying make-up or doing her hair before your meeting, realise that she is not here to impress you! [ Read: 9 Quotes about Being in Love with Your Best Friendd ]

  1. You always do what she wants

She enjoys watching romantic comedies and eating Italian food so whenever you’ll meet you do either of these things. In all the time that you have known her, she has not once asked you what your likings are or agreed to go wherever you have wanted.

  1. There is no show of affection

There is not touch, hug or kiss! She may enjoy your company, but while bidding good-bye she just waves at you. Such behaviour is because she is simply not attracted towards you. [ Read: 13 Clingy Girlfriend Traits You Must Avoid ]

  1. She discusses eye candy with you

Have you noticed her checking out guys while you are hanging out at a club or cafe? She will discuss all the hot guys around you and ask you whether she is looking attractive enough to catch his attention. Well, this needs no explanation – you must know by now that you aren’t on her list!

  1. Your touch recoils her

Do you feel her awkwardness when you touch her while talking? She won’t like your hand rubbing her arm while you talk or a side hug when both of you are just sitting around. In fact, whenever she is spending time with you, she will maintain her distance. [ Read: 13 Signs That The Friends Picked By You Are Ruining Your Relationship! ]

  1. She introduces you as a friend

This is the most direct sign possible – she will not hesitate in introducing you as her friend or tagging you as a one to her family and friends! If she wanted more out of this friendship, she will be coy while introducing you to her friends. But if she treats you like a brother from another mother, she will shout it out loud to everyone!

Sure, some girls tend to take advantage of your niceness and your feelings. But, be smart and don’t go blind in love! If you are treading around the friend’s zone, it is just a one-way ticket so you need to either lose all ties or accept the friendship and nurture it!