18 Signs to Know if Your Guy is Overprotective and Dominating!

18 Signs to Know if Your Guy is Overprotective and Dominating!
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18 Signs to Know if Your Guy is Overprotective and Dominating!

An overprotective boyfriend may love you immensely and care a lot about you. But, does this give him a solid reason to dominate you or control your living style?

There’s a thin line between being caring and being dominating. Both things include over protectiveness. Most of the time it is the overprotective and dominating case. If a man is overprotective, there’s a big chance that he will dominate and try to control your life. He might not be able to find it out himself.  [ Read: 19 Sure Signs Of Falling In Love ]

He may have effective plans to manipulate you and make you feel guilty whenever you try to take a decision on your own. You may also start to believe that he’s always right and you are always wrong! This will break you from inside.

Not every guy tries to dominate openly or intentionally. It may kick start with childish accusations. And then it will come off as a warning sign which will hinder your relationship.

Read these 18 signs which can make you realize if you are dating a subtly dominating guy. If you realize this thing too soon, then push off your guy and take control of your life to make it better.

  1. Everybody finds you attractive!

Every time you speak to a guy or laugh at his jokes, your boyfriend tries to take you under control. Or he may accuse you of flirting with him or encouraging him to flirt with you. If the guy you were talking to seems interested in you, then your guy may put the blame on you saying that you tempted him to approach you.  [ Read: 18 Signs that Your Date Actually Likes You on the First Date! ]

  1. He’s always one step ahead!

He always tries to act like your husband and always tends to be overprotective especially when you have many guy friends. He always tries to be one step ahead in the relationship game which can make you feel claustrophobic.

  1. Jealousy!

He always seems jealous, no matter how many times you prove your love to him. He tells you how he believes that you don’t love him as much as he does.  [ Read: 17 Signs of a Jealous & Possessive Boyfriend ]

  1. Extended conversation!

Your boyfriend hates it when you talk about someone else in an extended conversation. He always starts to pick up flaws in the person you are very friendly with. He will do that just to convince you that they are not that great!

  1. The helping hand!

He always expects you to come to his side whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation. He wants you to put only his stature when you think of taking help from anybody. He wants to make you dependent on him, so that he can mould you however he wants. [ Read: 6 Reasons why women get more jealous than men ]

  1. Suspicious behaviour!

He always wants a genuine reason whenever you go out with some other co-worker of the opposite sex or a guy friend. He always tends to doubt your fidelity. He never trusts you completely if you go out alone with some other guy.

  1. He watches you!

When you both are together, then he constantly watches you how you interact with other guys and how friendly do you get with them. He expects you to talk ‘to the point’ conversations with other guys.  [ Read: 16 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend is Mean to You ]

  1. The guilt scene!

He makes you feel guilty when you pick the other person to spend some time with you. He may not show it openly but he doesn’t talk to you in a normal way and rather make you feel like a person who is ignoring her partner.

  1. Possessive!

He acts like both of you possess each other. He makes you feel like you ignore him  whenever you are not with him. He has this myth that if you talk to any other person, you will be persuaded by them and leave him. He doesn’t let you give your own space.  [ Read: 16 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Relationship ]

  1. Bad mouthing!

He speaks bad about everybody who’s close to you. He expects you to treat him like he’s the only one for you at all times, at every moment. He wants himself to be the only important person in your life.

  1. Your fault!

He always blames you whenever any guy shows interest in you. He tries to escape from the situation where you can make friends of the opposite sex.  [ Read: 16 Common Relationship Advice that Holds the Power to Ruin Your Love Life! ]

  1. Can’t handle his emotions!

Your guy tends to get very angry or sad whenever you go against his wish of doing something. Just to satisfy him, you may stop talking to other guys and end your friendships. You may not realize this sooner, but this is what he wants, total control over your life.

  1. He confuses you!

He always behaves in an unusual manner and thus he always leaves you confused. You often tend to ignore the negative of him and overlook it in all sorts. You just see the best in him as you know he loves you a lot!  [ Read: 16 Signs You Are Not Ready For A Serious Relationship ]

  1. Opposing opinions!

A dominating guy will never like it if you ignore or oppose his opinions. He will never like it if you put in your opinion in front of him. He will never give importance to your opinion and always force you to believe he’s always right.

  1. He traumatizes you!

He feels best when you ignore people in front of his presence and when you agree with his opinions. He will be very happy about the relationship when you feel uncomfortable or awkward around others. [ Read: 15 Suggestive Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend ]

  1. Time for the call!

He expects you to be available for him at any time of the day. It doesn’t matter to him if you are in the middle of a family dinner or a friends get together. He wants you to talk to him as long as he wants without any explanations. Or else, he will give you the silent treatment later on.

  1. Your own life!

Your guy will never approve what you do all by yourself. He always wants you to include his opinion in life. Or else, he thinks all you choose is a waste. He loves it when your life revolves around his and his life.  [ Read: 13 Little Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Special ]

  1. Being snoopy!

He will always tend to poke his nose in everything you do. He may sometimes even check your phone logs and later confront you of calling a particular friends so many times a day.

A protective boyfriend is not bad at all. But, one should give notice if you see this 18 signs in your guy!