18 Signs that Your Date Actually Likes You on the First Date!

18 Signs that Your Date Actually Likes You on the First Date!
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18 Signs that Your Date Actually Likes You on the First Date!

Most of the people don’t pay attention to the first date. For most of the people, it’s one of those casual meeting to know a person who is slightly taking interest in you. But, if you deeply give it a thought, a perfect first date can be a turning point in your life. It might just be a slightest of the possibility that the person you are dating could end up being your person for the whole life.

It’s good if you are patient enough to see if your date is interested in you and call you for a second date or not. But, if you are one of those impatient persons who wants to seek if their date is interested in them or not, then read on to get your answer. [ Read: 15 Crush Quotes and Sayings ]

You must have gone on a date recently and thought it to be going all perfect and fine. You probably must have felt the romance and chemistry which made you both click in an instant. You also may start to expect their call after the first date. And, if the call never comes?

Here is a list of few signs that can help you figure out if your date is interested in you or not. If you see the positive signs coming up, then try to reciprocate those feelings and be warm to your date.

1. Unstoppable smile!
A person who is infatuated by your presence will not suppress their smile even for a single while. You’d notice this when you are talking about something and that smile is plastered on their face. This smile will be for no particular reason during the date. [ Read: When we first met, I felt De JA VU ]

2. Laughter and blushes!
You’d notice that your date constantly laughs even at the silliest jokes you crack. Or they blush very easily when you compliment them. Blushing and laughing are the smallest but hard to hide moments which are portrayed in front of the person you like.

3. Extending your date!
Does your date find ways to stretch the date even when the bills are cleared off and the table is clear? Ways of performing the same could be many, for instance, calling for the dessert or coffee and continuing the conversation. Such signs can reveal a lot about how much the person is interested in knowing you more. [ Read: 8 body language signs during first dates ]

4. Self consciousness!
Sometimes you can’t control your own body parts feeling self consciousness when you are in front of the person you like. You will be very particular about all the things which are visible on your body should be perfect. That’s where your date’s eyes lie after all.

5. The very next date!
When you like somebody, you can’t help but ask them for the second date. You will give or receive hints like, ”I can’t wait to see you again” or ”next time we can try this” if your counterpart is actively interested in you. [ Read: MATE, Never Discuss These 8 Things On Your First DATE ]

6. You are their world now!
You will notice this by the amount of attention they pay you. You must have seen some couples whose eyes can’t move off each other. Do you see that look in your date’s eyes? That’s for you to decide.

7. So far so nice!
Is your date interested in letting you know that they are having a wonderful time with you? Do they tell you about it even if you don’t ask them? This means that your date actually enjoys the time spent with you. [ Read: 12 Best Ways To Avoid The First Impression Disaster! ]

8. The ending drive!
Does your date offer to drive you back home or do they willingly accept to get driven back to their place? If you find yourself driving back home with your date, then there’s a good chance of a second date lined up for you.

9. The last goodbye!
Does your date tend to turn back even after the last goodbye? May be there are not done with the ending session yet. Possibility of it is something is more in store for you. [ Read: 15 Quotes about Saying Goodbye to a Friend ]

10. The lingering times!
While bidding farewell after the date, try and watch your date’s expressions and body language. While hugging or kissing, do they try and linger for a second more and do they move away with the hug a bit slowly? It can reveal whether they actually have interest in you or not.

11. The comfort zone!
Does your date sticks around with you as the date moves forward? We all have that comfort space inside us, if someone who we like enters it, we love the feeling. But, if at all a person we don’t like enters it, we tend to hate it. [ Read: 14 Ways to Charm Her on The Very First Date! ]

12. Amazing similarities!
Do you both get super excited when you share a similarity in between? You may observe that you both have similar interests in abundance and you can’t stop blushing. They will then most probably look forward in sharing the same activity with you.

13. The touch!
If you both are sexually attracted to each other, then your date may not help keeping their hands off you. They would probably make some excuse to touch you, be it your watch or your earrings. [ Read: 13 Warning Signs To Detect On The Very First Dates! ]

14. The copycat!
If the person with you starts copying your behaviour in the fun way, then they are surely interested in bonding more with you. They would make a subconscious try to copy things to get connected with you.

15. The teasing time!
As the date moves forward, does your partner start pulling your leg or teasing you with non offensive personal questions? They may try to win you with their best in place humour. [ Read: 16 Tips to Dazzle Him on Your First Date ]

16. Being frank!
If your date is enjoying your company, then they would not shut up even if hours and hours pass away. They would love talking to you. There are two options if your date likes you, either there will be awkward smiles or unstoppable chatter!

17. The stares!
Your date tends to stare at you deep into your eyes while they talk to you. That may look strange and make you feel uncomfortable too. But they sometimes can’t help this move. [ Read: 16 First Date Tips for Guys to Charm Your Date ]

18. Sitting postures!
Sitting position has a lot to do with your partner liking you or not. If your date is constantly leaning towards you while talking to you, then they are really excited to be with you.

So, now when you head out for the first date with some new person, keep these points in mind to know if the person is into you or not!