18 Powerful Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner!

18 Powerful Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner!
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18 Powerful Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner!

At times, you just know it. You don’t realize it much but it’s your gut feeling that gives you the signal that your partner is cheating on you! Ever felt the need to confront this to your partner and being paranoid after you tell them? Even after this you can be convinced for the same doubt you were having before. There are chances when you overboard when you feel insecure or too possessive. You should give your partner some space and relief! But, it’s a possibility that your instincts turn out to be true.

There will be no good when you get away with all those doubts and misunderstanding in order to move on without solving them. It is not practically normal to behave normally when you have so much to clear about. It will rather put a full stop to your relationship as there’s no trust left. [ Read: 7 Clear Ways To Spot A Liar ]

Some serial cheaters don’t care about how you feel about them. They just see their own motive and move on in life. There is not much point in confronting them as they won’t care much about how much you cry or remind them how you love them.

You can try these 18 ways to find out if your partner is a serial cheater or your actual lover!

  1. Don’t drop by unannounced!

Do you often drop by unannounced at their workplace or come home early just to spy on them? You can also do it in a better way. Always have a great excuse to walk in unannounced, they won’t feel awkward and you may succeed in what you want.  [ Read: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You ]

  1. Peek into his/her phone!

Is your partner always glued to the phone, no matter wherever he goes? If that’s happening in your relationship, then do some detective activity and have a sneak peak in his phone. It is possible that he may be up to something. Have a peek into his phone if you get the right chance.

  1. Follow them after the fight!

Some cheaters often pick up random fights in order to walk out of their place and meet their adulterous lover. So, next time you both fight on some issue and he walks out just like that, then follow him up to find out what the catch is. [ Read: 6 Ways To End Fights And Conflicts Quickly ]

  1. Always asks for more and more space!

Space is what everybody needs in a relationship, whether we forcefully accept this or logically give it. But, the main thing comes in when their space exceeds in not so regular ways. Do they get annoyed easily when you ask them what were they up to or where were they? If this happens, then surely there’s some catch!

  1. Sudden changes!

Has he recently started to cancel the fixed up date you’ve been planning since a few days? It may happen that all of a sudden his social gatherings has increased and he doesn’t involve you in any of those. If he comes back home happy and all fresh, whereas he claims that he had a hard day at work, then something is fishy! [ Read: 13 Reasons You are Bored of Your Relationship ]

  1. Gadgets!

You notice one common thing that your partner has changed almost all their existing passwords. And when you try and ask them about the partner, then they try to escape the conversation and turn down your request by any excuse.

  1. The sneaking game

Does it happen too often that your partner sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night? And if you find out, he gives you the silliest of reasons to cover up? If this happens too often or some similar things, then you are surely in for some serious fight. [ Read: 12 Clear Signs You Have Big Commitment Issues! ]

  1. A fake profile would go!

This may get too over the top but sometimes it helps you know how your partner reacts to some things. You can create a fake account on one of the websites on which your partner is very active.  Send them a request and start talking to them. Over a few days or weeks, start flirting with them and see how they respond to you.  Are they too interested in you or to hook up with you?

  1. GPS!

Do you really want to catch your partner red handed? This stalker mode may put you to success or to some serious trouble. By downloading this GPS device, you can easily track their movements. [ Read: The 7 Common Mistakes Women Make To Push Men Away ]

  1. Keep a watch on the signs!

Do you notice some different behaviour by your partner recently? There may be no relevant changes and there could be no particular reasons too. Changes just happen and are very spontaneous too.

  1. Check their recycle bin!

The garbage is the best way to dispose off things. Check in there if you find any clues too. If your partner is too active on the PC, then check the recycle bin to find out something. [ Read: True Signs That You Are Commitment Phobic ]

  1. Spontaneous plans work!

It may work at any time of the day. You may plan something or some outing on the spot. If he tries to avoid it every time you make a plan, then assume that something’s fishy and work on it.

  1. Keep a check on their sleeping habits!

if they are cheating on you, then their sleeping habits may change overnight. They may stay up late at time often using the excuse of excessive work. Other things may also correlate with the same reason. [ Read: 5 Important Ability of Commitment In Love One Can’t Miss ]

  1. Surprise or shock them!

It isn’t sure what your partner may think of your visit, as a shock or as a surprise. Does your partner get all jumpy or nervous when you visit him out of the blue?

  1. Phone space!

Your partner suddenly needs all the space while talking over the phone. They always leave the room when they have to call somebody. They answer the call in an awkward way or way too formal than their normal routine. [ Read: 15 Sure-Shot Signs That He Likes You But Isn’t Into You! ]

  1. Sudden change in the grooming habits!

Your partner has suddenly started to keep a check on their grooming habits! Have they gone a bit overboard with their appearances?

  1. Hidden cameras!

If you want to overboard to catch your partner red handed, then try this powerful technique. Place a spy cam in their room and keep a check on all their on ground activities. [ Read: 15 Signs She’s Leading You to Nowhere on the Relationship Path! ]

  1. Keyloggers!

Keyloggers is a kind of software which you can directly download from the net for free or for some price depending upon the features you might want to use. These type of programs can record whatever you want, whether it may be chat history or some additional details.

Use these 18 ways to find out if your partner is really cheating on you!