18 Deep Reasons Why You Don’t Have Any Friends!

18 Deep Reasons Why You Don't Have Any Friends!
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18 Deep Reasons Why You Don’t Have Any Friends!

Do you at times wonder why you’re having a hard time keeping friends? Do you also constantly feel let down by people whom you consider as friends? Feeling ignored by your peer group can be one of the worst things to experience. Are you constantly being the bad person with whom nobody wants to stick around? Or you must be making some unforgivable mistakes that always push people away from you or always force them to take you for granted!

Ask yourself, are your best guy friends or girl friends walking away from you all the time? Well, you can consider these 18 signs why they are doing this to you.

If you are following any of these, then try to change yourself for the better and see friends sticking by you for long!

  1. You’re very negative!

You are full of negative energy and people get uncomfortable while talking to you. People certainly don’t like if they talk to somebody who is too angry or full of negative thoughts. It makes people go away from you. [ Read: How does Your Humour Affect Your Relationship? ]

  1. You’re a selfish person!

Nobody may have told you at your face but internally they all feel the same. You also must be knowing this thing but you will not be ready to admit it. You always want your selfish purposes to get satisfied. Your selfish nature will always drown the happiness that you’re getting from everybody else.

  1. You’re a whiner!

You cry or howl all the time. People hate whiners and they like to be around people who are happy in their lives. Do you always find yourself complaining about one thing or another all the time? People already have their share of crap in their lives, they don’t wish to listen to your unhappiness stories too. Stay happy and shower the world with laughter and joy. [ Read: Feeling Of Falling In Love With My Best Friend – Story ]

  1. You are boring!

People find you as a boring conversationalist. You always talk about things which generally don’t interest people that much. And you can go on and on with it. You should have a good sense of how to keep people entertained by what they are interested in!

  1. You are with the bad company!

Sometimes, the people around you can be at fault. People may not like you because of the ‘not so secret’ past or the fake rumours. You can’t change this fact and you can just move in to some other company to make things better for you. [ Read: 15 Quotes about Saying Goodbye to a Friend ]

  1. You tend to forget your friends when you don’t need them!

Only you can answer some questions in life based on how you behave. Do you really ignore your friends when you don’t need them? Do you avoid your buddies when you’re having a good time with somebody else? They may think that you take them for granted and not always stick by you.

  1. Your social status matters!

People are not very comfortable with the people who are below their social status or who are way beyond their social status. It’s not a publicized matter but everybody follow this. You can’t change this thing in a go but you can only find some people who will actually appreciate for who you are. [ Read: Do I Miss My Best Friend in My Life Partner? ]

  1. You’re not real!

You are very fake and people can easily see this. You may think you are over smart and say good things just to get your work done. People can easily see this by your behaviour and they will keep running from you.

  1. You’re not trying!

Are you actually trying to hold up friendships or you are just praying to god to shower you with best friends that easily? Making good friends is a great task just as earning money! It is tough but not impossible! [ Read: 9 Quotes about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ]

  1. You try too hard! And, it’s visible!

You are coming off as too clingy and needy! Are you constantly pursuing people to meet you even if they are not too interested in meeting you? Just try to relax and lay back. Your friends don’t need to know that you have nothing better to do when they’re gone.

  1. You have a hard time picking the perfect topic to talk on!

Do you notice the person you’re talking to getting bored? Do you find your friend checking out his phone in the middle of an interesting conversation? It doesn’t always mean that a fun topic for you is fun for others too. Try to change the conversation the minute you see the other one is getting bored. [ Read: 10 Best Quotes on Friendship ]

  1. You assume a lot!

You are known for reading between the lines! You assume a lot and think that the world revolves around you! So, your buddy just shared a post on facebook, was it for you? Is he trying to convey a message to you? Has he posted it just to annoy you? You need to stop now! Not everybody is thinking about you all the time! Stop assuming and start confirming to live a better life!

  1. You create psychological barriers!

Do you hold back a thought because you think it may sound silly or weird? And, do you often feel uncomfortable around your friends and it shows? This way your friends may also feel restless and uncomfortable around you! [ Read: Boyfriend Writes An Open Letter To His Girlfriend ]

  1. You drain the other person’s energy!

You always tend to leave people unhappy when you say goodbye. Your friends are happier when you leave rather when you’re around. Do you see your friends having a get together without you? This definitely means you’re one toxic friend that they are avoiding!

  1. You always think you’re right!

You always argue over the silliest things! You always think it’s a healthy argument even when it’s not. You tend to think that an argument is the best way to keep a conversation alive. [ Read: Boyfriend Writes An Open Letter To His Girlfriend ]

  1. You’re jealous and insecure!

You have trust issues in abundance and you feel bad when your friends meet somebody else. You think that he/she is ignoring you and preferring somebody else over you. Your friends will begin avoiding you when you constantly make them feel guilty for meeting somebody else other than you.

  1. You’re an introvert!

Do you feel the best when you’re all alone and just surrounded by yourself? There is a possibility that you’re trying to come out of the shell in order to change yourself too fast. Take your time and don’t repeat the mistakes you did in the past. [ Read: Girls Here Are 10 Big Perks Of Having A Guy As Your Best Friend ]

  1. You’re too demanding!

You tend to expect a lot from your friends and when they don’t satisfy you, you vocally show your displeasure. You may have this notion of friends that if they help you, only then they are true. It doesn’t hold entirely true.

So, the next time your friend walks away, you need to take an insight to see if you possess any of these points.