17 Signs of a Jealous & Possessive Boyfriend

17 Signs of a Jealous & Possessive Boyfriend
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17 Signs of a Jealous & Possessive Boyfriend

Do you wish for a jealous and possessive free boyfriend? In that case, you surely have high expectations because jealousy runs in all men’s blood! You may argue that it isn’t wrong to be possessive about your love and you are absolutely right. However, there is a thin line between being a jealous and possessive partner and a controlling and dominating one! If you want to find out whether your beau has crossed over that line.

Here are some strong signs that will tell you that he is an overly possessive boyfriend –

  1. I scream and shout!

He will lose his temper within minutes are screamed his lungs out! The issue may be small or big or even non-existent, that does not matter, but he will get angry and just blow his top.  [ Read: 5 Ways To Deal With A Rude Boyfriend ]

  1. How can you talk about someone else?

If you see his eyes turn nasty and face becoming red, when you are talking about a friend’s accomplishments, know that it is the jealous streak! He will get very touchy when he hears you praise someone else other than him.

  1. Who’s that guy?

Talk to another guy and see those eyes popping out! He will be fuming when he sees you smiling and having a conversation with another man, in his presence or absence. [ Read: 7 ways to deal with a possessive boyfriend ]

  1. I’ll go with you (everywhere!)

Be prepared to be suffocated! If you want to spend time with your cousin for a while, he will come along; if you are meeting your college friends after a long time, he will accompany you; if you have a spa appointment, he will drop you – you have no space to be on your own at all!

  1. You are such a flirt!

You may be making a small conversation with your friend’s boyfriend or discussing office work with your colleague – but he will accuse you of flirting! He may think your smile or greetings are indicating flirtatious behaviour to the opposite sex.  [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

  1. Dump your old photographs

It is quite obvious that you have many photographs with your old friends and colleagues lying in your house. But, your boyfriend wants you to get rid of all these pictures because seeing a happy you with them makes him feel that he doesn’t keep you as happy!

  1. How dare you look so attractive!

Your boyfriend will have a problem with the clothes you wear and will hate it when you look attractive! He wants you to look pretty and attractive only for him, so if anybody else comments on your good looks be prepared to go home to an angry boyfriend.  [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Flirting Tips Every Guy Needs To Have In His Mind! ]

  1. I’m following your moves on social media

He literally stalks you and Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. He will check your posts, your status messages, your photos to keep an eye on all your actions.

  1. Answer my questions!

He is not only inquisitive, but controlling! He will ask you about your whereabouts and counter-question you till he is satisfied. For instance, when you tell him you went to meet your cousin and he will shoot ten questions at you about where did you go? For how long were you there? What did you eat? And so on.  [ Read: 13 Qualities Every Man Secretly Wishes For In His Woman ]

  1. Why don’t you answer my call?

You ought to answer his calls or call him back immediately. In case you don’t do any of this, he is going to yell and suspect you. He needs you to be there at his beck and call!

  1. I want you only to myself!

Surely he loves you a lot. But, this possessive boyfriend’s love is to such an extent that he wants you to be only with him. He will isolate you from your friends and family so he does not have to worry about sharing you and your attention.  [ Read: 13 Little Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Special ]

  1. I don’t believe you

You may have always told him the truth, yet you will hear responses like, “I don’t trust you!” or “I don’t believe what you say!” Unless he has seen it with his own eyes or is satisfied with your answers, he will also suspect you.

  1. Yes, I have mood swings!

A jealous boyfriend has major mood swings. For instance, he will be all cute and happy over dinner, and your old neighbour bumps into you so you just talk to him for a couple of minutes. Immediately after that brief meeting, he has transformed from a happy kid to a sulking, angry one!  [ Read: 13 Signs That The Friends Picked By You Are Ruining Your Relationship! ]

  1. I don’t care if you are friendly

Many a times, these kinds of boyfriends pretend to not care! So he will act calm and cool when you are catching up with your school friend or making a new person in your group comfortable. His actions may seem okay, but he will be boiling inside and it won’t be too long before all these bottled up feelings burst out!

  1. Ask me before you make a decision

No decision can be made without asking your boyfriend – he needs to know everything and he will call the shots! In case, you made a choice without his knowledge or permission, he is going to show his disapproval by not allowing you to go ahead with your plans. [ Read: 13 Simple Ways To Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong One! ]

  1. All new experiences only with me

You have lived your life with your family and friends and now it is only about him and you! Yes, your possessive beau will want you to experience adventures only with you. So, if you have made a deal to go bungee jumping with your childhood friend, be prepared to break that promise!

  1. I should be in control!

He wants to be your diary – so he has to know when you leave the house and when you get back, just like you have to inform him who you are meeting and what you are doing or give him updates on messages or calls every two hours.  [ Read: 15 Suggestive Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend ]

This jealous and possessive lover will not change his ways so if you are fine with amending your lifestyle and dealing with this sort of childish and bizarre behaviour, it is your call. After all, love has the strength to deal with everything that life throws at it!