17 Brilliant Ways to Save Money as a Couple

17 Brilliant Ways to Save Money as a Couple
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17 Brilliant Ways to Save Money as a Couple

It’s all about the moolah! Money has the power to keep your love life stable and happy as well jeopardize the relationship! However stiff the atmosphere turns when you pick up financial matters, you ought to be open and discuss it! If you work together, you will save more; if you save more, you will splurge more!

So here are some ways for all you lovebirds to save money:

  1. Write it out

Always write down your spending! Maintain a diary and note down daily expenses. This will not only tell you how much you spend every month, but also guide you to where you can cut down the spending.  [ Read: 12 Romantic Things To Do With Your Girlfriend When You Don’t Have Money ]

  1. Individual piggy banks

Keep separate piggy banks and fill it up through the course of the entire month. At the end of the month, pool in both your banks and feel proud when you see how much you have saved together.

  1. Saving goals

Talk to each other and discuss how much you are each able to save every month. Once you have chalked down your earnings and basic expenses, decide on a rough amount you will manage to save. When you do this regularly, over a period of six to eight months you will see that pile of money building!  [ Read: Celebrate Valentine Day With Your Honey, Without Splurging Away Money ]

  1. Coupon shopping

So many websites offer great deals and coupon systems. Use these coupons and you will get discounts on groceries, clothes, and electronics and even at restaurants. Don’t be ashamed to apply for these coupons because they are fruitful saving techniques.

  1. Use cash, not credit

Credit cards are your worst enemy! When you swipe your card, you are not aware of how much you are spending and at the end of the month you are left gaping at that amount you have to repay! So it is best to use cash for all the transactions.  [ Read: Marriage versus Money ]

  1. Exchange goals

 Share your goals and dreams with your partner so both of you are aware of how the future looks. You need have similar dreams so the two hands can work in tandem. Even if your goals are not the same, you need to know that you will receive the support you need from your partner.

  1. Fun in low costs

You don’t always need money to have fun! A ride in the rain, a walk under the Christmas lights, a quick bite at a road-side food stall or drinking wine on your terrace – all these will give you memories you will cherish for your lifetime. So do this once in a while instead of dining at an expensive roof top restaurant or renting out a limousine for a date night.  [ Read: 7 ways to convince your parents to lend you money ]

  1. Set monetary gifts aside

As couple you may receive quite a few monetary gifts from family, friends and even work. Collect all this money and keep it away. One day when you need to pool in all your finances for a house or television set, these gifts will be a true blessing!

  1. Define the roles

Usually, there is always a ‘spender’ and a ‘collector’ in a relationship.  Identify these personalities and play the respective roles. So the spender knows that as soon as he/she gets money in hand, it has to be handed over to the collector so that the savings increase!  [ Read: Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story ] ]

  1. Have discussions

Do not shy away from discussing your money matters. As your partner, he/she has the right to know your financial situation. When you are open about such matters, you relationship will become stronger and you will find more effective ways of saving!

  1. Collect money for the big stuff

You want that sports car or a home theater or solitaire earrings – so save for it all. Prioritize these purchases and set a date when you will be able to afford this without disturbing your other arrangements. [ Read: 10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Couple Should Make ]

  1. Exciting agenda

Chat about your wishes and make an agenda which excited both of you. Prioritize your goals and know which ones require money. For instance, you may need money for that five-bedroom house you’ve always wanted, but you do not need a lot of savings to take a road trip around.

  1. Know each other’s weaknesses

Make a list of all the financial mistakes you have committed as well as a black-list for people you should avoid lending money to. This way, your partner will help you through those weak moments. [ Read: My Best and Wonderful Soul-mate – Story ]

  1. Check your bank balance monthly

If you check your balance every two to three days, you will be under the impression that you are cash rich, when in reality this bank balance is not much. So when you check your bank balance at the end of the money, you will know how much you can afford to spend. You will have more savings at the end of the month this way, than checking every few days.

  1. Keep envelops

This is a fool proof way of saving money! Make different envelops of rent, electricity bill, gas bill, loan payment, etc. You know where you have spent the money and how much is left for you to splurge after all these expenses are met. [ Read: Do I Miss My Best Friend in My Life Partner? ]

  1. Be realistic

Do not put too much pressure on yourself or your partner. Face the reality and know your capabilities to plan your finances accordingly. If the ratio of your expenses and savings isn’t favorable to buy that Porsche you want this year, be patient and work towards it for the next year.

  1. Don’t spend it all!

Never spend all your money – that is a thumb rule of life! You may have saved a good amount in this semester, and according to your plan it is time to spend it. However, if you do not know where to spend it – don’t!  [ Read: 15 Quotes about Saying You are Sorry ]

As kids we were always taught to save 60% of your earnings and spend the remaining 40%. Follow this rule so when you look back at your life from a lovely mansion, you will treasure your achievements even more.