16 Tips to Dazzle Him on Your First Date

16 Tips to Dazzle Him on Your First Date
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16 Tips to Dazzle Him on Your First Date

You have been eyeing that cute boy in the gym for quite sometime and finally he asked you out for a dinner date. Immediately your mind starts running with thoughts about what to wear, what to speak about, how to impress him and so on.

This is the case with all women across the world – you want your first date to go well because the first impression is the last one! So here are some easy tips to dazzle the guy on your first date –

  1. Speak up

You might have turned vegetarian or you don’t enjoy the noise in night clubs – so tell the guy before he decides the place of your date. If you reach a club or a restaurant popular for its fish, and then tell him that you aren’t comfortable with such places, your date will just start on an awkward note. [ Read: 15 Things Women See In A Man Before Falling For Him! ]

  1. Be punctual

Being on time sets a very good impression! So start getting ready half an hour early – get your hair done, put on your make up and be ready for your date 15 minutes before the decided time!

  1. Dress comfortably

You will know beforehand what your date has planned for you so dress appropriately. If he’s taking you for an adventurous activity, put on your gym shoes and wear comfortable pants or if it is a regular dinner date, dress like a lady i.e. don’t overexpose. [ Read: 12 Things You Should Look For In A Guy Before You Date Him ]

  1. Have soft hands

This tip doesn’t apply only to your dates, but all throughout your life. Apply moisturizer regularly so that your hands are soft and supple! When your date holds your hand, he is going to love the smooth touch and will instantly feel like hugging you!

  1. Eat well

Don’t be one of those girls who fuss about how they just cannot finish a burger and are so calorie conscious! Men enjoy the company of women who eat and eat well! So don’t be shy to show off your appetite.  [ Read: 14 Best Ways to Make a Guy Feel Wanted and Needed! ]

  1. But don’t drink too much

Show off your appetite for food, but leave your appetite for alcohol at home! Never have more than two drinks on your first date or else the guy will think you are an easy girl to please. The drink on this date is just to break the ice, not to go crazy and fall all over the place.

  1. Keep your phone away

It is bad manners to check your Facebook or upload pictures on Instagram or simply chat with your girlfriends when your date is seated in front of you. Be focused on your date and get to know him as a person because that’s what the agenda is. [ Read: 9 Best Quotes Every Wife Should Send to Her Husband ]

  1. Don’t talk about your exes

You may have dated a lot before – some good relationships, some bad ones; but that’s not something to discuss with your date! He is interested in knowing you, not your exes. Similarly, even though you have many guy friends, avoid discussing them or else your date will think you are interested in one of them and not him.

  1. Don’t obsess about your looks

Once your hair is done, dress is worn and lipstick is on, forget about it. Every time you see a mirror don’t try to fix your hair and avoid running to the washroom every 15 minutes to check on your lipstick and powder! Concentrate on your date once you have left the house, not your looks. [ Read: 12 Things Guys Like in a Girl besides Her Appearance ]

  1. Be honest but don’t reveal too much

If your date asks about your family, tell the truth; don’t portray a happy picture when your parents are divorced. Similarly, tell him about your work so that you can engage in an intelligent conversation. That said, don’t go overboard and give details because you don’t know him too well.

  1. Ask questions

Don’t just sit pretty and smile; ask questions and try to gauge the guy. You need to know if this is a potential relationship so ask about his career aspirations, his hobbies, his friends, etc. Be upfront and make smart conversation. [ Read: 8 Quotes which Every Girl Must Follow in Her Life ]

  1. Be certain

Men dislike women who are unsure. So when asked a question, give out your opinion. Giving out answers like, “umm, I don’t know” will not only put him off, but also give an impression that you don’t have too much knowledge.

  1. Smile, laugh and be warm

You have a pretty smile and a happy laugh, so flaunt it! By smiling and laughing at his jokes, you are creating a friendly environment. The both of you will connect better when there is warmth in the air. [ Read: Best Missing You Quotes To Melt Your Partner’s Heart ]

  1. Offer to pay/split the bill

Yes, the norm says that the guy pays for the date. However, today women like to split the bill at least on the first couple of dates. When you offer to pay, you are indicating that you are an independent woman and he will respect you for that!

  1. The goodbye

This is a major dilemma for most people on first dates! Ideally, don’t do anything rash on the first meeting; be a lady and give him a hug and peck on the cheek before bidding goodbye letting him know that you like him, but are not that easy. [ Read: 13 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do and How to Avoid Them ]

  1. Wait for his call

So your date was a big hit in your books and you cannot wait to see him again! But, if you want to go on your second date and then the third and then many more, hold your horses – wait for him to contact you. If he realises that you are head over heels for him, he may just take advantage of the situation.

Your date will be dazzled not with what’s on the outside, but what’s inside. You may dress well and look pretty, but it is your personality that will captivate him! Show off your confident side and be a lady to leave your date asking for more!