16 Reasons Why My Love is Only for You

16 Reasons Why My Love is Only for You

It would not be difficult for any true lover to point out endless reasons of why his love is only for that someone special. Although the following points are the most important reasons which you need to say in order to express that your love is only for her. [ Read: I Know NOT How else to Define My #Love for You]

16 Reasons Why My Love is Only for You

  1. Understand me more:

No one else in this world has so much faith and trust on me. You understand my each word from my emotions itself. You can even understand my silence and that is the best part of our relationship. No explanation is required for whatever step I take for you always believe that I cannot do anything wrong. And if I do by mistake then you would immediately help me to correct it. That’s the level of understanding that exists in our relationship. [ Check out: BIG Difference Between Like and #Love


  1. Make me laugh even when I am not in the mood to smile:

You have got that magic wand and so no matter how sad I am you still manage to make me smile rather laugh. That’s because you can never see me sad.

  1. Care about me so much:

You always ask about my health, about my mood, about my work and would really take care of me if anything goes wrong. You are much worried about me and you solve all the problems of my life by your love.

  1. Always by my side:

Be it in the time of happiness or in sorrow I always find you standing beside me holding my hands. You are the only person on whom I can trust blindfolded.

  1. Care about my parents:

I love you more for the reason that you not only care about me but also you care about my parents. You have made them your own and you give them the respect that I would like to give them.

  1. Make me feel lucky:

I think that the best thing that has ever happened to me is you. With you by my side I feel myself the luckiest person ever.

  1. Beautiful heart:

I am in love with that pure and lovely heart that you have. Even if you grow old the beauty of your heart will remain the same and I would love you the same at that time too.

  1. My shadow:

You are just like a shadow to me. I can find you beside me whenever I need you. You can never allow me to face my problems alone. I really love you for that. [ Also read: 7 Golden Rules For A Happy Life ]

  1. Respect me the most:

No matter where I am, you always respect me the same and respect me the most. When I get such respect I simply fall in love with you again.

  1. My dreams are yours now:

You have made me realize that I am not the only person to worry about my dreams and desire; you too are equally excited and passionate enough to help me complete them. You have now owned them.

  1. I can be frank:

I am the real me in front of you and can open up my heart in front of you without any problem. I don’t need to think about what to speak for I know that whatever I say you would always get the exact meaning that I wish to convey.

  1. Motivate me:

You always desire to see me winning and so would always motivate me if my confidence is low. With you by my side I can win any battle in my life.

  1. You are always there, no matter how much I hurt you:

There were several occasions when I behaved very rudely to you but you didn’t take anything to heart, instead you stayed by my side even in that situation. My love grows stronger when I realize this.

  1. You are my teacher:

You taught me how to love someone immensely. Before meeting you I didn’t know the actual meaning of it but now when I watch you I get to know what love actually is all about.

  1. You give the space I need:

You have never stopped me from doing anything which I like and you have always given space to me. I can freely talk to anybody and you know that I can never cheat on you. I love you for showing so much faith in me.

  1. You complete me:

There can be no one else who can love me the way you do. You are the perfect one for me. You are one who is able to make me feel complete. [ Read here: 10 Tips On How To Keep Your CRUSH Interested ]

Be quick to say these to the love of your life and make her realize that why you love her the most. Do reply if these were helpful. Let us know.