16 Abusive Relationship Signs You Need to Reconsider!

16 Abusive Relationship Signs You Need to Reconsider!
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16 Abusive Relationship Signs You Need to Reconsider!

Are you being trickled into the abusive relationship? If you doubt your relationship, then check these 16 signs to reconfirm the status. This sort of relation starts with verbal abuse. Sarcasm enters the area and some days later you see that something gets thrown at you! An abusive relationship not just hurts, but also is devastating as you get trickled into it.

You would further assume your relationship as the perfect one until the same happiness giving relationship comes crashing in front of your sight! This is one sort of helplessness which one experiences.  [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

Abusive relationship not only comes from your partner, but it may also come from your colleagues, boss, siblings or parents. Physical abuse would be visible to all from the outside but emotional abuse has the ability to shatter you from inside. It is traumatizing if you experience such a thing, but don’t take a wrong step and do something which is not acceptable. Rather, read on to get the motivation to live it all with a stronger mindset!

  1. Embarrassing situations!

It’s totally unacceptable if your partner insults you or embarrasses you in public for the smallest of the smallest reasons! They do it as they try to prevent you from confronting them in public ever again! They may even raise their voice intentionally just to make their point or just to make you feel awkward!  [ Read: 15 Signs She’s Leading You to Nowhere on the Relationship Path! ]

  1. A hit!

Physical outburst is much unexpected in a well going relationship even if it’s made in the heat of the moment. It’s actually the sad starting of a relationship which has lost its vigour.

  1. Unacceptable endings!

In order to end an argument, your partner may just use force by either pushing you away or ignoring you. They could also do such thing while standing really close to you in an intimidating posture.  [ Read: 12 Warning Signs That She Is Just Not Into You ]

  1. The control freak!

It’s good when you know that somebody is entirely involved in your life and making it a better place to live in. But sooner or later you’ll realize a fact that he/she is completely controlling your life and then you’ll end up losing your friends. The conclusion of all this will be that you’d be dependent on your partner just as they want it.

  1. Aggression!

An abusive person is very unpredictable in their life, they can turn from blue to red in a split of seconds and all the anger will be shed only towards you. Their moods are very unpredictable.  [ Read: 13 Signs That The Friends Picked By You Are Ruining Your Relationship! ]

  1. Rage out when you point out their faults!

Your partner gets filled with aggression when you pick their faults. They actually walk away ignoring you when you tell them to correct a thing. On the other side, they treat you like a spoilt child and expect you to listen to them every time you commit a mistake.

  1. The all-time blamer!

An abusive lover will always put the blame on you even for their smallest of smallest problems! They will blame you for their own problems, how they creep-ed in their life and the origin being you. [ Read: 12 Minute Signs You Are Being Manipulated By Your Lover ]

  1. Out of control!

Your partner may claim that their outburst is just natural and they can’t hold it back. But if you notice, their outburst is only visible in front of you. It is surely not justified in any way.

  1. Can persuade you easily!

A person who may easily abuse you either physically or emotionally has the knowledge of being a skilled manipulator. They would be so convincing that their mistake would also seem as your own mistake. Their outburst would seem justified to you.  [ Read: 13 Secret Signs Which Will Tell You That Your Boyfriend Is Still Not Over His EX! ]

  1. The support criteria!

They have the power to convince you in such a way that you just won’t be able to live without their presence. They will make you so dependent that you will start to doubt your own capabilities. You won’t be able to walk away as you’ll need them all the time.

  1. Dominant and the submissive being you!

You partner gets filled with anger and rage when you try to stand on your own feet or when you are about to leave. They also have the capability to keep you under their shadow at all times.  [ Read: 12 Signs You’re Being Selfish in the Relationship ]

  1. The dominant abuser!

Your partner fits the position of being a dominant and always tries to have things their way. They never approve your wishes but always want you to keep up with them in order to fulfil theirs.

  1. The slap!

Your partner may slap you for different reasons now and then. Initially, it may be a light pat on the cheeks for the errors you did. At the other times, they would slap you harder for being silly or careless. Don’t just keep tolerating it or putting up with the nonsense!  [ Read: 10 Signs That You Are Lovesick And Ways To Get Out Of It ]

  1. Always making up after the fight!

It’s one golden rule which all the abusive lovers possess. They will fight with you and then they will try harder to make up for the fight. They are born genius to bring you back on tracks!

  1. Verbally abusing!

Does your partner often use foul language with you every now and then? If this happens on a frequent note, then you need to reconsider the behaviour or the relationship.  [ Read: 10 Sure Signs You Can’t Trust the Guy You Are Dating ]

These 15 signs will definitely help you find out the current phase of relationship you share.