15 Ways To Deal With The Workaholic Boyfriend!

15 Ways to Deal with the Workaholic Boyfriend!

The world, in which we live today, is highly competitive, especially when it comes to careers and jobs. Men have always been career focused and usually have high ambitions since their childhood. Their species used to be the breadwinners but today, no one is satisfied with bread. Everyone wants the cake! More often than not, men can be workaholic and extremely career oriented. Dating a workaholic man, can be extremely challenging. It requires immense patience and compromise.  [ Read Here : 16 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Relationship ]

15 ways to deal with the workaholic boyfriend

In such situations, what can a girl do to accept his working habits and routine?

Here are some tips to deal with the workaholic boyfriend:

  1. Prepare yourself

If you have realized that your boyfriend is a workaholic but still you just can’t let him go, then make yourself understand that, things can be tough but he is worth the wait. Prepare yourself mentally about his work schedule and lifestyle. This will lower your expectations of him and will help you view at your free time positively.  [ Read Here : 15 Crush Quotes and Sayings ]

  1. Develop your hobbies

Since your boyfriend is a workaholic, you might have a lot of free time. The free time can either be wasted expecting more from him and getting disappointed or can be used to cultivate your hobbies like gardening, sketching and writing.

  1. Build your friend circle

Don’t be overly dependent on him, since you already know about his workaholic behavior. Instead, build your friend circle or get in touch with old buddies and colleagues over a glass of wine. This will definitely refresh you.  [ Read Here : Difference Between Love and Marriage Explained [ In A Short Story  ]

  1. Help him with his work

Some men do not like to be disturbed while working, while some men appreciate the ideas and thought flow of their partners. If your boyfriend also spends time working at home, a good way to be a part of his work is to help him out with his work by expressing your views. Or you can just talk about how things at his work place are.

  1. Get more focused on career

Women are getting more and more career conscious and if you have a workaholic boyfriend, some of his behavior will surely rub off on you. Hence, you can choose to focus more on your own career and build an exuberant career profile for yourself.  [ Read Here : 17 Signs of a Jealous & Possessive Boyfriend ]

  1. Weekly outings

Discuss with him and chalk out a day of the week as your day out together. Keep this a regular thing every week, no matter what. Insist that this is very important to you and he needs to be supportive of it. This will definitely take his mind off work and will give you both a much needed break every week.

  1. Spend time with his family

This is the best way, to earn brownie points with him. Spend time with his parents or siblings while he is busy working. This will help you to be close to his family and also, he would appreciate you more and would spend more time with you.  [ Read Here : 15 Sure-Shot Signs That He Likes You But Isn’t Into You! ]

  1. Surprise him at his work place

Landing up at his work place can be a bit risky, if he is in a conference or a meeting. But have a pre-hand discussion with him a day before and you can arrive at his work with his favorite lunch. Make sure you don’t do this more often than necessary.

  1. Yearly vacations

If he is a long term boyfriend, then you should plan and discuss possibilities of travel and the places you would like to visit. Yearly vacations can really rejuvenate couples and also give their relationship a much needed boost.  [ Read Here : 16 Tips to Dazzle Him on Your First Date ]

  1. Work/ Life Balance

Sometimes, if your boyfriend just doesn’t get his nose off his laptop, it is essential to explain to him that he needs to maintain the work-life balance. Without having a social life and a personal life, all the work that he is doing is of no good. He needs to breathe and see beyond his work.

  1. Befriend his colleagues

As your boyfriend is a workaholic, it’s obvious he spends most of his time with his colleagues, it’s always a good sense to know the people who are around him. Also, it will give you both something to talk about. Being friendly with his colleagues will definitely make him proud of having a girl like you. [ Read Here : 11 Best Quotes from a Girls Dairy ]

  1. Prepare a social calendar

Make a social calendar together and mark the dates of all your friends’ weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. This way you both will have to attend those parties and will help him spend time with you.

  1. Encourage him to do things he misses doing

Workaholic men usually work a lot and rest of the time they might talk about the things they miss doing from their childhood. Like he might say, he misses going for long drives. In such situations, be encouraging and get him to do things that he misses. [ Read Here : Those Memories Were Great When My Mind Took Me To School Days ]

  1. Be supportive of him

He is only working. And it can make a bright future for the both of you. So always be supportive of him. Do not nag at him and certainly not throw tantrums for him not being able to spend time with you. Because this will only repel him.

  1. Keep your calm

Lastly, keep your calm. It can be quite tough to be a workaholic’s girlfriend. Sometimes, you might lose patience. But keep your cool and engage yourself in other activities. If you both don’t have any precious moments at all, it will be difficult to even continue the relation. If he does make you happy, but just can’t devote too much time, you must give him the benefit of doubt. If he doesn’t make you happy at all and does not care for your happiness, it’s time you must let go off him & let his other girlfriend win – his work! [ Read Here : 13 Rules To Take An Inch Forward To Being A Proper Gentleman ]

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