15 Types of Relationships to Define Your Love Life

15 Types of Relationships to Define Your Love Life
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15 Types of Relationships to Define Your Love Life

Every relationship is unique and different in its own way. Some relationships are filled with happiness and fun while some are undergoing pain and sadness. Compatibility is one thing in a relationship that decides where your relationship is going well or full of problems. A good relationship does not need two good lovers; it needs two people who have the same expectation level from each other. If they give and take equally from each other, they can live happily with each other forever but if this is not balanced, the relationship takes a bad shape.

The following are a few traits that can define different kinds of relationships that further define your love life. If you understand your kind, you know which direction you are heading towards –

  1. The codependent relationship

When you are in love, some how you depend on your partner for your thought process and ask them to make decisions for you. [ Read: 10 Conversation No-No’s in a New Relationship ]

  1. The abusive relationship

This is a type of relationship where they love each other but when they fight, they start abusing each other physically or verbally. You may think that it just happened in the heat of anger but it isn’t that way. Once this starts taking place, most of the times it continues to happen forever.

3:     The open relationship

Open relationship is a kind, which is trending now a days where both the partners are open for emotional bonding but not much of physical bonding. But both are having physical relations out side their relationship. [ Read: 10 Brilliant Tips for Having a Casual Relationship ]

4:     The love hate relationship

You love your partner for his/her personality. There is chemistry in your relation so you are with them but contrastingly, you hate them, you cant stand them and are frustrated with them at times.

  1. The controlling relationship

One of the partners becomes dominant over the other while the other just obeys him to make the relationship happy and moving. Sometimes this realization comes a bit late in the relationship when frustration and irritation starts taking place. [ Read: 10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Tension After an Argument ]

  1. The negotiation relationship

Both the partners are happy with each other in this kind of relationship, but because of something or the other, they make a lot of compromises and negotiations in order to keep your partner happy and stay with you.

  1. The pastime fling

You both love each other and you both are happy with the kind of relationship you share but deep inside you also know that your relationship is not meant to be forever. You know that you don’t have a future with your partner. [ Read: 10 Big Problems In A Relationship And How To Fix Them ]

  1. The held by loss relationship

Two people are in a relationship because they both have been betrayed by their ex recently and needed support and love from someone like them. This is very common these days and it helps in filling each other’s emptiness.

  1. Toxic relationships

When these two people are in public; with their family members and friends, they show as if they love each other. But when they are by their own, they destroy the happiness and life of each other. They are unhappy, frustrated with the relationship without reason. [ Read: Partners Should Be Good Friends For Successful Relationships ]

  1. The trophy relationship

You date your partner because he/she is perfect and when you are with them, they make you look and gives you something in return. The foundation of this kind of relationship is based on materialistic things though they might love each other.

  1. The distracted relationship

People in a distracted relation are with each other, but emotionally unavailable. They are too busy with their own stuff because of which they don’t have time for each other. They are distracted from love and keep distance from each other due to other important things in life. [ Read: An Open Letter From Girlfriend To Her Boyfriend ]

  1. The imperfect relationship

Things are not perfect in the relationship, but you don’t wish to change it because you are used to it. you don’t wish to even discuss it with your partner because you have accepted it the way it is.

  1. The long distance relationship

When two people are in relationship and love each other, are emotionally there for it other but physically unavailable because they live in two different cities far away from each other. Such relationships are filled with suspicion, jealousy and even insecurities. [ Read: 50 Relationship Questions to Test Your Compatibility ]

  1. The unhappy relationship

Either of you may not be happy in your relationship but you are still in it; not because of love but other reasons like you marriage or kids.

  1. The complicated relationship

In this relationship, both the partners know that things are not right between them. They even know the reason why its not perfect but still do not know how to fix it maybe because they are not ready to confront each other and confess their mistake. [ Read: 13 Qualities Every Man Secretly Wishes For In His Woman ]

In the beginning of any relationship, it is not possible for you to define what type of relationship are you into. But as time passes you know exactly which kind of relationship you and your partner share. With the help of these above given types of relationship, you can know what type of a relationship fits in your life.

If you are satisfied and happy with the kind of relationship category you fall into, then that is a good new for you. But if are not happy then you can sit and talk to your partner about the part that is missing in your relationship. Together you can find a solution to it and fill the gap between you two as well as fix the problem.