15 Tips to be Nice and Loved by All!

15 Tips to be Nice and Loved by All!
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15 Tips to be Nice and Loved by All!

Being nice carries its advantages too. Everybody would like to talk to you. You have more friends. Everybody is polite with you. This trait can only be mastered by a few people. Just like any other thing, this too is a learning process. You must have noticed that a person you met a few days ago made you feel so relaxed and comfortable within a few minutes. [ Read: Why can’t you see how much I loved you ]

Know the difference between a nice one and the one who bears the tag of a ”bore”. Initial phase of the conversation must be one of the awkward ones, but later on it must have got smoother. These type of people are great to be friends with.

Do you envy those people who are happy all the time and who are loved by all? Here are 15 tips to get anybody like you in a split of seconds.

  1. Greet everybody with a smile!

This marks as a perfect start for any sort of conversation. This instantly makes you more likable and a nicer person. Don’t plaster a frown on your face all the time. View the world as a happy place and people will start loving you for your infectious happiness. [ Read: 9 Quotes about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ]

  1. Think from the other side!

We should give it a thought from the perspective of somebody else too. Most of the people in this world are full of themselves and fail to understand what the other must be going through. You should rather learn to empathize in such situations.

  1. Being confident is must, not egoistic!

Being egoistic and proud should be felt inside, it should never come outside unless there’s a need. You may take pride about your achievements or how much you earn in a year. But, when you interact with people, don’t let your ego come between your interaction. [ Read: 14 Best Ways to Make a Guy Feel Wanted and Needed! ]

  1. Respect everybody!

The only key to make people respect you is when you give them respect. Favoring a few people and snapping others won’t make you good. Remember that somebody’s always watching over you.

  1. Act like a helping hand!

Help others if you get the right opportunity. Imagine yourself at their position and then think how much they deserve it without being selfish. Help somebody who might be feeling out of place, help them fit in. [ Read: 9 Best Quotes Every Wife Should Send to Her Husband ]

  1. Be patient!

You need to be patient with other people. They have no hard and fast rule to impress you in a second. People take time to understand you. Give them enough time to know you and then decide who is worth it and who is not.

  1. Don’t be a weakling!

It’s understood that if you have to be nice, you don’t have to put up with each and every trick people throw at you. Rudeness should come when it is justified. People will respect you if you take a stand for the right things. [ Read: 10 Valuable Lessons You Will Learn From Failed Relationships ]

  1. Good companion!

Be a fun person, dress well and stay well informed about your hygiene. Being nice is perceived to be good, but being cheerful and pleasant is a plus.

  1. Don’t hold your laughter!

Everybody prefers a cheerful person over an ‘over serious’ fellow. You should enjoy life as and when it comes. People will feel good about the cheerful aura you carry with yourself. [ Read: 13 Happy Things You Need for a Perfectly Happy Life! ]

  1. Pranks are fun only if everybody is comfortable with them!

Don’t hurt somebody in order to make the other people laugh. Pranks are fine and acceptable till the time they don’t hurt somebody. If your pranks tends to hurt someone, then you’ll be perceived as a bad person who enjoys making people sad.

  1. Be selfless!

Everybody can show their selfish side as it’s easy. It takes guts to show your altruist side. It’s good to be selfish about achieving the desired goals but it also feels nice when you help somebody who’s less fortunate. [ Read: Reasons Why Young Girls Like Dating Mature Men ]

  1. Be fair!

Being just and fair is very important in order to be a nice person. You don’t have to keep helping somebody unnecessarily when you know they are wrong. Make some principles which are fair and abide by them.

  1. Be positive!

Stay happy and stop remembering all the bad past experiences. Feel good by thinking about the good memories. Enjoy your life and share the happiness with people around you. [ Read: Very Nice Rules Of Love For Couples ]

  1. Don’t be rude!

Avoid being rude when there’s no need. Don’t hurt people just because you easily can. Most of the people in this world are sadists. They enjoy it when somebody feels humiliated and weak. Don’t belong to such a group.

  1. Communicate nicely!

Try to have interesting conversations with people without being personal. Indulge in the conversations and relate to what other people say. [ Read: 7 Best Ways To Show That You Love Her ]

These tips will help you to be a magnet of happiness in no more time. Remember these 15 tips and see yourself as a transforming person.