15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again

15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again

Time flies. Our childhood turns into adulthood in a quick span of time.  Receiving numerous gifts as a child on a Christmas morning was pretty awesome for you, too, I’m sure. As you grow up, the gifts you get change too. Once you’re an adult you might get some clothes or a perfume, or something pretty standard. While as a child, there was a plethora of different things you would get, and you would love it all! You know your heart still wants those things to play with!

15 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again

Let’s have a look at some things which we will never ever receive for Christmas again!

  1. G.I. Joe action figures

They are probably every little boy’s first toy heroes. Those bad boys made you believe good always wins over the evil and were the soldiers in all our imaginary toy wars.

  1. Roller Skates or a Skate Board

Roller skates and skateboards are every teenager’s dream. They scoot around the neighborhood with their feet on fire!

  1. Lego

Who doesn’t miss Lego, and creating your own warrior ship , a beautiful castle or a bridge connecting two cities. [ Check out: 15 Tips to Save $500 by Christmas


  1. A Barbie doll

A Barbie doll is every little girl’s best friend. You have carried her around everywhere you went when you were a child.

  1. Set of crayons

All budding artists could get nothing better than a huge set of a crayon box that has so many different colour pastels in it. Sketch pens, crayons, color pencils, you have lived for that stuff!

  1. UNO cards

Who didn’t like playing a game of UNO with their friends? Draw 2, draw 4 were the most valuable cards, and it was never a boring game.

  1. Coloring books

How we used to love filling in different colors in our cute little art books. Who didn’t get told to stay within the lines while coloring? [ Also read: 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas when your partner is away from you ]

  1. VHS cassette

A VHS cassette of the Lion King, Pink Panther or Tom & Jerry or any silly cartoon movie, was a must during childhood days. Those things are obsolete now, and soon DVDs will be, too!

  1. Kitchen Set

Little girls always love playing mommies during the childhood. The kitchen set with small utensils and cook-ware was a must for every girl. Who wouldn’t want to play cook again?

      10. Talking teddy

There was always a soft toy gift which would say “I love you” or something really adorable when you pressed a button. Oh, the joy!

      11. Jigsaw puzzle

The intellectual in us always wanted to solve jigsaw puzzles. Be it 200 pieces or 1000 pieces, one would never be at rest until the whole puzzle was solved. That was a gift which was enjoyed by our friends and family too!

      12. An easy bake oven

Little girls who wanted to cook delicious treats had their mind set on the easy bake oven which uses light bulb to cook yummy delicious delights!

      13. The Blopens

These pens would be the staple to decorate your greeting cards and help make your plain art papers look colorful and bright!

      14. Pokemon Cards

Who didn’t love Pikachu? Everyone had a huge collection of Pokemon cards. Your worth was defined how big your collection of Pokemon cards was. It was a favorite amongst little boys who loved anime.

       15. Lot of CLAY

Clay was a great gift for the artistic kinds. We could mould different animals, bridges, buildings or cars using clay. Oh what fun that was! [ Read here: 10 Tips to Make #Christmas Memories That Last ]

What was one thing that you always adored as a Christmas present and you will never probably get it again? Share with us in the comments section!