15 Things Women See In A Man Before Falling For Him!

15 Things Women See In A Man Before Falling For Him!
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15 Things Women See In A Man Before Falling For Him!

So, do you have those traits which are a must to have the girl of your dreams? Ever thought of how a woman wants her man to be? You may think you have what it takes to impress a woman. But, if you’re still having issues impressing the girl you want to date, then you’re bound to think where you are going wrong.

In the same way as you want your girl to be the most perfect out of the lot, girls too, have their wish list ready for the guy they want to date. If you’re single and waiting for the perfect girl to drop in, then here is a list of a few things which will help you impress her effortlessly. Women have a list in their mind to satisfy their preferences when it comes to dating. [ Read: 12 Things You Should Look For In A Guy Before You Date Him ]

There are a few things which may separate you from the other lot and will help you be a better guy. You’ll soon notice the difference, how women approach you in an effective way.

  1. Be confident!

Women love men who are confident and not confused in any way. You should believe in yourself and possess some ego, which is a necessity. Be the kind of man who has the ability to put one in place when somebody crosses the line or misbehaves with your girl. [ Read: The Only 7 Tests Of True Love For Him And Her ]

  1. That perfect body!

Go and work hard to build those biceps which will look mesmerising to the girls. When you work out, you tend to look healthier and fresh. If your aim is to attract that girl at the very first sight, then looks play a huge role. Really huge.

  1. Don’t be a pushover!

A guy should have his say on whatever matter is being discussed and he should have a strong opinion. A guy who is a pushover will prove to be the worst kind of man in the dating sphere. Don’t be taken for granted by anybody, be it your colleagues or your buddies! [ Read: Do You Love Him, But You Are Not Sure If He Really Loves You Back? ]

  1. A guy who is respected by others!

Women like to be respected by the man they love. But, in accordance with this, they also like it when people respect their guy. If you actually possess some ego and respect yourself, then would you ever allow somebody to disrespect you? The answer should be no, without a second thought. Stand up and be a man!

  1. Focuses on grooming himself!

Good looks always tends to make things easier when it comes to impressing the opposite gender. Just the face doesn’t matter, you need to focus on grooming yourself, wearing your best clothes and maintain a good posture. A confident and a well groomed man can easily impress the girl of his dreams. [ Read: 6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better ]

  1. Respect others!

If you think you deserve respect, you ought to give it too. All decent females like their man to behave nicely with others and not humiliate them just because he can. If you have no reason to be rude to your subordinates, then why do you have to be rude? You need to possess decent etiquette and respect others!

  1. Make her feel comfortable!

Women would like to have a prolonged conversation with the man who makes her feel comfortable within the first few minutes of the conversation. Be the kind of guy who would not show his nervousness and also would make his date’s nervousness vanish into the air. Involve her in the conversation and make her laugh. [ Read: 10 cute ways to remind your boyfriend that you love him ]

  1. Have a compatible personality!

Here’s a tricky part which cannot assure you if you will be able to impress you date or not. Everybody has some different areas of compatibility. Some females may just like you, but won’t give a second thought for the next date with you as according to them you two might be not compatible for each other. To avoid all this chaos, if you really want her to take interest in you, then just be genuine and pleasant.

  1. The ‘perfect guy’ trait!

The best people deserve the best counterparts. No woman would like to date an ordinary guy if she’s desired by all the other men. Replace your friends if they don’t respect you. You may have seen two or three boys in your group who would have the record of dating the most beautiful women existing, but all you can do is to hear their success tales. Be that kind of a guy. [ Read: The Perfect Guy – Story of Emma and Russell ]

  1. Be a good conversationalist!

Just like good sense of humour is a must-have trait for the guy, being a good conversationalist also tops the list! Be genuine and pleasant and show interest in talking to her. Make her have a nice time with you.

  1. Believe in yourself!

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who else will? Many people who follow this are mostly envied by the people who practice it. Just believe in yourself, that what you do is right. [ Read: 13 Rules To Take An Inch Forward To Being A Proper Gentleman ]

  1. Makes decent amount of money!

This is certainly not being shallow but this is more about facing the truth! Money matters to live a decent life. It would be wrong if you say it doesn’t matter. Being rich is definitely a plus point, but it is never enough to grab the girl!

  1. Have a good sense of humour!

The most attractive thing in a guy is his sense of humour! The guy can definitely make your heart light at any time of the day. All girls prefer guys with a good sense of humour who can be fun over dates or over long phone calls. [ Read: 13 Ways to Make Yourself Charmingly Approachable to Guys ]

  1. Charming personality!

Who doesn’t like a charming personality? It is one of the top things which one aspires for but it’s not something which most men possess. Try to improve your body movements in front of the women you date and learn to exercise your manners.

  1. Good looks!

Try grooming yourself with the perfect kind of clothes that suit you and the perfect kind of perfume that smells great on you. It might sound shallow but good looks and good grooming can do wonders. [ Read: Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love To Date Shy Women ]

This has been a list of a few things which girls want in their man! Try to develop these in yourself. See the difference in no time!