15 Sure-Shot Signs That He Likes You But Isn’t Into You!

15 Sure-Shot Signs That He Likes You But Isn't Into You!
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15 Sure-Shot Signs That He Likes You But Isn’t Into You!

Are you getting those confusing signs from your guy? These are a number of signs which can prove that the guy likes you but is not into you.

A woman’s mind is assumed to be the most confusing place. We search for signs but at the next moment, we demand something more definitive. And, the confusion is that even we don’t know how ‘definitive’ is really definitive. We may be known for over-analysing the situation and noticing every word he says. The liking phenomenon is never clear cut. You never get to know the clear answer. [ Read: 12 Things Guys Like in a Girl besides Her Appearance ]

As it is understood, it is very hard for a guy to reject you or bluntly say that he doesn’t like you. He will give a glimpse of a few signs which reminds you that he’s just not the one.

  1. Irregular contact!

He is very irregular in replying to your texts or calling you. It is possible that he is occupied in some urgent work, but it doesn’t happen everyday, right? And, it takes just seconds to reply to something. [ Read: 13 Relationship Mistakes New Couples Make All the Time! ]

  1. He’s too spontaneous!

It’s very nice when somebody brings you on a surprise date and you are overwhelmed when the one who’s doing it is the one you expected. But, when every time there’s a surprise and things never get planned, then it could be something fishy. It could be that he always calls you when he’s free and he knows you’d always be willing to hang out with him.

  1. He calls you when he’s bored or when he’s not in his senses!

He’s sure that you’d take him even in that state without giving any recognition to your self esteem. He could call you when he’s not in his senses and he’s looking to get laid. He could also remember you when he has nothing else to do or he’s bored to the core. [ Read: 12 Warning Signs That She Is Just Not Into You ]

  1. Ready with excuses!

He may be a pro at cooking up stories or giving you a bunch of excuses. You may always trust him as he could make all of it so believable and realistic. It can be either of two things – he may be doing the same things for somebody else or he may think that you just don’t deserve the truth.

  1. Conversations always revolves around him or you!

If the conversations always revolve around him, then it may be perceived that he’s too pompous to talk about anything else. If the conversation is just about you, then it may be possible that he wants to keep you out of his life circle. [ Read: 13 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do and How to Avoid Them ]

  1. He’s hooking you up with some other guy!

This is as weird as it sounds, your perfect match would turn out to be a matchmaker. He may introduce you to one of his mates and then try to hook you up as he’s no longer interested in you.

  1. You have some doubts!

The main thing is when a guy likes you, he may be quite straightforward about it but some of them can be blunt too about not having interest in you. There are some guys who just keep you hanging in the middle which is very annoying. You can be left guessing all your life trying to figure out what he wants. [ Read: 13 Simple Ways To Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong One! ]

  1. You are always satisfied!

You need to have some self esteem so that you don’t accept anything and everything he offers. You have the habit of giving yourself excuses about how he mistreats you but you still don’t have any issues with him. You don’t need to waste that much time on such a person.

  1. He’s not too open about the relationship!

You want to make the relationship go public or you want to make it official but he doesn’t support this thing. He always introduces you just as a friend, he doesn’t want to give the relationship a tag. [ Read: 9 Habits of Happy Couples ( They Never Talk About) ]

  1. He always tries to change you.

He always says ” You’re perfect but …”. He always tries to change you to what you’re not. It might be a comment on your looks, your job, or the way you react to things or any other thing. He has a vision of a perfect woman and tries to change you according to that.

  1. Distracted!

He doesn’t pay any attention to what you say. He may be thinking about something else which he finds far more interesting than your stories. You must have found yourself repeating everything you said. [ Read: Holding Back Your Feelings When Meeting Your Exes ]

  1. Easily cancels at the last minute!

He’s very conveniently calls off dates at the last minute. You are okay with this too as you easily convince yourself that he must be busy with an emergency.

  1. You never get to spend alone time with him!

He never keeps the ”date” as an actual date. He always tries to surround you with friends. He never allows any heart to heart conversations to take place between you two. That’s a hint that he only sees you as a good friend. [ Read: Ladies, Let’s Spend Some Time Alone? ]

  1. Short replies!

It always seems that whenever you chat with him offline or online, he tends to give you a bunch of short replies. He never talks to you openly about anything.

  1. It’s always you who initiates!

Only you initiate a conversation over the phone or in person. He never takes the initiative to talk to you. Once you are tired of hearing ”I’ll see” or ”hmmm” responses, you tend to stop. Only then, he initiates and realises that he has lost somebody who makes him feel desirable. [ Read: 15 Suggestive Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend ]

If you notice some of these signs or all of these, then take a step back and peep into the truth.