15 Painful Good Bye Quotes and Sayings

15 Painful Good Bye Quotes and Sayings
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15 Painful Good Bye Quotes and Sayings

It’s after those beautiful memories that one has to say a ‘goodbye’ hiding away his/her tires behind this word. Here we provide you with 15 Painful Good Bye Quotes and Sayings that would help you to get enlighten regarding the notion of goodbyes in one’s life. [ Read: 15 Quotes about Saying Goodbye to a Friend ]

“Promise me you’ll never forget me because if I thought you would, I’d never leave.”  ― A.A. Milne

Separation from the love ones could be heart-breaking. It’s hard to get distanced from someone whose site you used to love by your side. Vanishing away from their memory and seeing them forgetting you is the worst nightmare.

“The only truly painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.” ―Anonymous

Sometimes words become so less to define your actual emotions and feelings.  This is the time when ‘silence’ explains every exact emotion of yours. Inside, your soul might shout out loud but outside you are all calm and mute accepting your fate bring in your separation from your loved one.

“Sometimes you just have to hold your head high, try not to cry, and say goodbye.―Anonymous

Nothing is stationary. Time changes and so does the people. Conflicts take place within the happy sphere too. At this point, you just have to raise your head high with your own satisfactory doings and favors. You have to embrace a fake smile too and hide your tears behind it while you see your loved one departing from you spiritually and physically. [ Read: 15 I Still Love You Quotes and Sayings]

“The last day is way shorter than counting to ten.” ― Leena Ahmad Almashat, Harmony Letters

Do you realize that how fast the time passes when you do something you like to do? Our moments of love and care occupies the larger part of our consciousness such that we do not realize the phase of time that is there in this material world with us all the time.

“I have never found any ‘good’ in goodbye.” ―Anonymous

Ever wonder that what exactly is ‘good’ in a ‘goodbye’ said to a person whose presence matters in your life?

“You said goodbye. You didn’t say that you would take my heart.” ―Jen Eclipse

When someone who occupies the larger portion of your heart departs, with his/her physical departure he/she even takes away the very essence of life from you and leaves your spirit to roam to crave for some happiness. [ Read: The Painful Part of Every Relationship ]

“The most painful part of leaving the person you love is that they’ll never come after you.” ―Anonymous

It hurts when you literally crave for someone’s presence by your side but, that person is not inclined towards you. It’s hard to accept that the person whom you love and care for won’t go mad on your absence.

“Sometimes you have to let go of the one you love to find out if there is really something there.” ―Anonymous

It’s true that you value a thing when it is no more with you. Its absence triggers you for its presence. Similarly, you face the actual value and importance of the relation and the person in it only when both are not the part of your life anymore.

“I’m torn between what was and what could be.” ―Anonymous

Separations from the loved ones could break your heart badly. Parting away from someone whom you love and care for can leave your soul I bits and pieces. [ Read: Excruciatingly Painful Love ]

“Hardest thing to say is a ‘Goodbye’ for the last time.” ―Anonymous

What exactly one could ever go through when he/she knows that it’s the last chance and time to say the ‘final goodbye’ to someone whom they love. It’s hard to part your ways from someone with whom you thought to live at least a bit more beautiful moments of your life.

“The most painful thing isn’t to be alone, but to be forgotten by someone you can’t forget.” ― Anonymous

Goodbyes are very definite. They leave you with the pain of self-realization where you figure out that your absence won’t trigger your partner or beloved. Reality could be very harsh to you, but sooner you accept earlier you get over the torment of separation.

“It always is harder to be left behind than to be the one to go…” ― Brock Thoene, Shiloh Autumn

It hurts hard when you crave for someone’s presence but, that person is not inclined towards you much. Rather, he/she is comfortable enough to move ahead in their life leaving you behind to crave them. [ Read: 15 Quotes about Pain and Love]

“There is a time for departure even when there is no certain place to go.” ―Anonymous

Eventually, departures are supposed to be performed which comes after the very last and the final goodbyes to someone. Somethings are just as hard as they are mandatory for you to do.

“…I feel empty when you’re gone…” ― Fred ReCto

Sometimes corners of your heart are permanently taken by that some very special person in your life. Hence, when they leave you with their absence, they even leave your heart with their longing and everlasting emptiness.

“Being strong sometimes means being able to let go.” ―Anonymous

There are those moments where you just need to let go those hot air balloons up in the endless sky. You are supposed to act strong enough to let your loved ones part their ways from you and live their life happily if they would after that. Because love has no boundations, not even on the one whom we love. [ Read: 6 Relationship Trends that are Taking the Internet by Storm ]

Goodbyes could appear to be the end of our world but once you say it, it does gives you the opportunity to say a new hello.