15 Must Know Relationship Advice for Women

15 Must Know Relationship Advice for Women
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15 Must Know Relationship Advice for Women

These days’ people complicate their relationship over silly issues. Both men and women say they tried hard but could not make their relationship successful. Love isn’t that painful or complicated. It’s the two people in it who complicate it. When you start to feel problems in the relationship, sit down, talk to each other, communicate and make efforts to fix it. Sometimes it’s a guy who makes efforts to fix the relationship, and sometimes the girl needs to make efforts.

The following are a few relationship advice for women for making a relationship successful

  1. Be playful

More than anything else, being playful helps you to hold a happy relationship with your partner. Men sometimes enjoy this time when his girlfriend is playing with him and teasing him.  [ Read: 15 Inspirational Tips to Get Motivated and Work Out ]

  1. Listen to him

Men are egoistic, especially in a relationship. It is necessary to give him a chance to explain his point of view before you start arguing. This is very helpful in keeping his temper down.

  1. Try not to remind him of his past failures

Guys become very sensitive if anyone touches the topic of his past mistakes. He may get very aggressive and arrogant if you remind him of his failures to win the fight or for making him to listen you.  [ Read: 11 Ways To Handle Too Many Questions On a Date ]

  1. Be clear to them

There are times when you are not able to say something that you want directly to him and you pass him symbols or even romantic gestures. In case he does not understand what you are trying to say then explain it to him with the help of an example instead of giving up on him.

  1. They are not easy to change

Men do not change themselves for you until unless you try really hard. It is their basic nature to do what they want irrespective of how others want them to be. So instead of trying to change your boyfriend, rather try and understand him better and help him understand you by giving examples.  [ Read: 11 Unique Traits that Make a Person Trustworthy ]

  1. Never blame yourself

It’s never your fault entirely in case your relationship has started to suffer. You are partially responsible so accept your responsibility but blaming yourself would not be the right thing to do.

  1. Men just can’t read your mind

No matter how hard you try that they will understand or read your mind without you saying anything to them, they really can’t. Simply speak what you have in your mind, and they will listen to your thoughts. In fact they might get irritated when you just expect them to read your mind and you both end up having an argument.  [ Read: 11 Things a Break-up can Teach You about Life ]

  1. The treatment of keeping silent

The best way to make your boyfriend realize his mistake when he has hurt you without ending up having a fight is to keep silent and not speak to him for as long as you can.  Once he realizes that are not speaking to him, it will start to bother them and they will come up to you to talk. That will be right time to tell him why you were hurt.

  1. Men do not like women with high maintenance

That is just not true. Deep down their heart, that exactly the kind of girlfriend they desire secretly.  [ Read: Do You Often Feel Stressed Out? This will Boost Your Happy Hormones ]

  1. Praise him

Appreciate your boyfriend for his success and for him achievements whether it is big or small. He will love you for that and he will try even harder next time to listen to your praises again and again.

  1. Take each step of your relationship slowly

Each step that you take in your relationship should be taken carefully and slowly. Don’t rush yourself into the later steps first. Get to know each other, take time to fall for each other, give a commitment when you think it’s the right time and experience your relationship at each step. Getting too much involved too soon may leave you with regrets later. It can also make your boyfriend think over being committed to you even though he really loves you.  [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love ]

  1. Make him want you

Do not make yourself available to him all the time, especially when he is in a mood to talk to you or meet you. Work on it, be your best and look your best if you really wish to make him want you more than any other woman.

  1. Do not try too hard

If you see that your care, gestures, love is not reciprocated, then don’t try hard to please him. He might start taking you for granted. Instead, try to make him realize how lucky he is to have you in his life.  [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love ]

  1. Give him space

Give your guy his own space. You need not worry about him as long as he is with his guy friends or by himself. It will make him love you even more; thus making your relationship even stronger and better.

  1. Be his support

No matter how strong your boyfriend pretends to be, at the end of the day he needs the love of a woman for giving him emotional strength and support. Lend your shoulder to him whenever he needs it.  [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love ]

By using these relationship tips and advice, you will be able to create a better relationship with your boyfriend. If you really want to have a long and strong relationship you need to work on the issues that are coming on your way. These tips can help you fix the problems in your relationship.