15 Kind of Girlfriends who can Make Your Life a Living Hell!

15 Kind of Girlfriends who can Make Your Life a Living Hell!
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15 Kind of Girlfriends who can Make Your Life a Living Hell!

A perfect girlfriend can make your world go round and round. But, on the other hand, a bad girlfriend has the capability of making your life hell! Unfavourable partners not just ruin the relationship, but also give love a really bad name.

Every time somebody goes through a bad phase in their relationship, they always blame love for it. They also make sure that in the future, they would never fall in love again! The truth is that love is one beautiful experience and it never leaves us unhappy. You should blame the bad people in your past, and not the relationship itself. [ Read: Annoying Habits Any Guy Would Hate About His Girlfriend]

I’ve been in a few relationships and left them half way down the line because it’s better to leave the relationship rather than being stuck in it. There’s no point dragging it and wasting your time over a thing which is not going to work out in the future. Compatibility should be present at all stages of love.

If you are currently dating a girl, or are out on a date with somebody, then keep an eye on these 15 types of girlfriends which can really ruin your idea of love. If you find some of these traits, then talk to her about it. But if she’s not able to change herself even a bit, then it’s time for you to move on and find another who suits your taste.

  1. The over-obsessive and possessive type!

The possessiveness which your girlfriend portrays could seem very flattering at first. But, you might get annoyed very easily when she constantly pokes you about doing something without her. If your girl is possessive, she will always feel insecure each time you are without her. [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

  1. The one who never apologises!

It’s not fair when only one person apologises all the time when there’s a fight. Are you noticing that your girl never admits her mistake? You must have noticed that she never accepts her fault and just gives you the silent treatment. She must be really egoistic and would rather break you from inside rather than admitting her fault.

  1. The eternally confused one!

This is the kind of girl who just doesn’t know about what she wants. She is never sure about her decisions and constantly changes it. She may even talk or flirt with other boys and keep you as a standby boyfriend who wouldn’t object to her priorities. It’s better not to date this kind of girl as she may leave you weak and will shatter your confidence. [ Read: 13 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last ]

  1. The pompous girlfriend!

Some girlfriends are not ready to change their thinking or opinions no matter how wrong they are. Opposing opinions are also good at times, but till a certain limit. She changes her mind only one some of friends convince her. She never changes her opinions because of you, no matter how right you are.

  1. There comes a no-objection girlfriend too!

There comes a girl who is too nice. She doesn’t hold any opinions or never contributes to any issues. She has no opinions to hold and is all okay with everything that comes her way. She’s way too accommodating. But, deep inside, it’s possible that she may be holding her opinions to herself for some reason and may explode anytime. [ Read: 12 Things Guys Like in a Girl besides Her Appearance ]

  1. The one who forces you to get insecure!

This kind of a girlfriend is too friendly with guys. She may even hang around with guys even if they have asked her out. She may go on dates with other boys even when she knows she’s exclusively dating you. She’s too flirty with guys and even if you pin-point her doing that, she completely withdraws from the topic.

  1. The good little daughter!

She’s more of her parents pet to be particular. She’s very close to her mom and dad. She discusses each and everything with her parents, be it the smallest of things. If her parents object to something you wanted her to do, she may think that you are not good enough to take a decent decision. [ Read: 10 Signs You Are Dating A Girl Worth Keeping ]

  1. The dissatisfied one!

She has the ability to criticise you at any time. She constantly compares your life with others. It doesn’t matter how much fun you make her have, she always cribs about how somebody else is having more fun that her. No matter what, she’ll always feel that her relationship is never better than any other relationship.

  1. The emotional weapon user!

This type of girlfriend uses all types of emotional blackmail tools on you. She thinks that it will help her to get her way. She may have a constant habit of using lines like ”I do so much for you, but you can’t do this little thing for me”. [ Read: 10 Signs You Need To Back Off When Pursuing A Girl ]

  1. The aggressive type!

This girl can get super angry at any random thing which is not even worth much thought. She may even hit you or put you in an awkward position when you are in public. She doesn’t even give a second thought to what she says when she’s angry.

  1. The snoopy one!

She may snoop on you at all times. She probably has trust issues and therefore stalks you or spies on you. She constantly checks your cellphone and asks your friends about your whereabouts. Even if you happen to be loyal and truthful, she still seeks a reason to doubt you. [ Read: 10 Bad Reasons To Break Up With Someone ]

  1. The demanding one!

She’s the one who has a list of expectations and demands at every hour of the day. She’s the bossy one in your case and makes you do things her way. Her sole aim is to control your life and everything that it includes.

  1. The ever-complaining one!

This type of girlfriend will always find something negative in everything you do and will complain about the same. If she’s not able to see any bright or positive side of anything, then she’s possibly too negative in life. She will do the same to you. You may feel tired or drained out every time you plan to meet her. [ Read: An Open Letter From Girlfriend To Her Boyfriend ]

  1. Just a user!

There are a number of girls who would see you as a good guy and would think that being seen with you might just open doors for them. As time passes by, she’s more interested in hanging out with your friends rather than being cozy with you on a date.

  1. The clingy one!

It’s good when you feel the warmth from the other side and when somebody pampers you. As they say, addiction of any kind is bad. If your girl is addicted to you, she would definitely want to spend all her time with you. This can even create a suffocating environment for you. [ Read: 13 Clingy Girlfriend Traits You Must Avoid ]

Distance yourself from these 15 type of girlfriends. If conversations can’t solve the matter, it’s better to walk away.