15 Healing a Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings

15 Healing a Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings
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15 Quotes and Sayings about Healing a Broken Heart

You tried your best to maintain the relationship, but things did go wrong due to some reasons or the other and hence you failed to move on any further. And after this entire emotional crisis you did end up getting a broken heart. But how long would you stick to the past? It’s time to shed away unwanted attachments and let your heart heal.

To help you in doing so, we have compiled for you the best Quotes about healing a broken heart. Read and try to implement them in your life.

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…”- Nicholas Sparks

The emotion that broke your heart boosts you up from inside and them helps you to be strong. And face life afresh. This quote very beautifully explains that time can transform your weakness into strength.  [ Read: Heartwarming Message from a One Sided Lover ]

“Only time can heal your broken heart. Just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs.”- Jim Henson

So, instead of remaining sad and hurting yourself, set your heart free and let it beat again. The dark clouds that are hovering over your life would soon disappear and you would soon a clear blue sky.

“Hearts are breakable,” Isabelle said. “And I think even when you heal; you’re never what you were before.”- Cassandra Clare

One might get cured and overcome the pains of a broken heart, but once everything comes back to normal, you would find yourself different from the one you were before. [ Read: Best Missing You Quotes To Melt Your Partner’s Heart ]

“Just like there’s always time for pain, there’s always time for healing.”- Jennifer Brown

You just need to wait for that perfect time. As after every dark night there comes a beautiful and glorious day. So, don’t worry, if you are suffering now, stay calm and enjoy life.

“The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after it’s been broken into a million pieces.”- Robert James Waller, The Bridges of Madison County

Our heart is simply a very beautiful as well a complicated thing. You can never predict fro who it would start beating and for whom it would force you to shed tears.  [ Read: 7 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart ]

“We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full.”- Marcel Proust

Once you experience sufferings to the maximum, you get immune to any further trouble. You would get so much accustomed to such pins that you would love to keep them as it is and focus on enjoying life instead.

“Time heals all wounds. And if it doesn’t, you name them something other than wounds and agree to let them stay.”- Emma Forrest, Your Voice in my Head

This is surely going to work. Just try to shift your attention from the one who you love to the one who loves you and see how things would start falling at the right places.  [ Read: Most Amazingly Terrific Tips To Melt Your Guy’s Heart ]

“It’s important to make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wound. “ –Barrack Obama

One must always try to measure the words before speaking them out. Words should not be used to break a relationship, but instead it should be able to build it.

“It is important for people to know that no matter what lies in their past, they can overcome the dark side and press on a brighter world.”- Dave Pelzer, A child called ‘IT’

You just to keep faith in yourself and believe the fact that every cloud has go a silver lining. One simply needs to be patient and believe in destiny. Let destiny takes its course.  [ Read: Words of a Broken Heart ]

 “Given enough time and distance, the heart will always heal.”- Laura Fitzgerald, Veil of Roses

Time is the best medicine of all. With time, everything would change and things would return back to their normalcy again. In the case of broken heart too, give some time and space to yourself and you would soon feel the difference.

“I can do this…I can start over. I can save my own life and I’m never going to be alone as long as I have stars to wish on and people to still love.”- Jennifer Elisabeth, Born Ready: Unleash your Inner Dream Girl

Don’t keep yourself in the illusion that that the person who hurts is the only one who actually cared for your feelings once. Look around, there are several others, who can love you more than anybody else, you just now need to give them some attention.  [ Read: What am I Supposed to do with a Broken Heart? ]

 “Wounds are like water set to boil- they heal best left unwatched…”- Gabrielle Zevin

The more you think about the wounds, the more you would be reminded of the pain. so it is a beer to leave it as it is and instead divert our mind to something else.

“We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.”- Max De Pree

One cannot command our thoughts and our own feelings. It is our own life and one must never be given the power to rule it. There should always be good mutual understanding in very relationship. No one deserves the right to captivate our heart and soul. [ Read: 15 Quotes about Saying You are Sorry ]

 “Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care.”- Jerry Cantrell

It is better to stay away from those who hurt and instead spend some quality time with the ones those who actually love us and can never ever let us shed even a drop of tear.

“I actually think sadness and darkness can be very beautiful and healing.”- Duncan Sheik

It all matters the way we look at things. There’s a beauty hidden in darkness too, one just needs the eyes to appreciate that.  [ Read: Best Quote About Long Distance Love ]

We hope that you found the above quote very helpful. Do let us know which one you liked the most and also you are welcome to share some other ways to heal a broken heart.