15 Cute Sayings for Him

15 Cute Sayings for Him
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15 Cute Sayings for Him

The best thing that has happened with you in life is that day you met the love of your life. Each time you meet him, you simply fall in love again. You are simply bowled over by his cuteness and the way he carries himself. But are you still searching for the best quotes to compliment him? Well, you need not worry more for your search is going to end here.

We are providing below some of the best and adorably cute sayings that you definitely need to tell him

So read and drown yourself in the beauty of each quote.

You are every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had.”- Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook)

Tell the man of your life that it was the best day in life when you met him. It seemed as if your every wish and dream turned into reality. After getting him your life appears so satisfying and beautiful. [ Read: 9 Extremely Romantic Love Sayings That You should Say To Your Love ]

Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.”- Samuel Lover

The best place that you can offer to stay is your heart. Here it would be worth mentioning that we come across a number of people each day but only the best ones are offered a special position in our life. we also make sure that the person remains there forever.

You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.”- Unknown

No one else is allowed to do so except you. I can say that because, you are someone very unique and special to me. You are someone, on who I can always trust blindfolded and always be assured that you are never going to hurt me or leave me alone. [ Read: 9 Quotes about Being in Love with Your Best Friend ]

”I never thought love could be so magnificent until I saw the sincere look in your eyes, telling me that this time…I would never shed another tear.”- Elle

Sometimes it does take a lot of time to find that perfect man of life. but once you meet him , a sudden feeling inside you makes you feel like that, yes, this is the man who would never let me shed a even a drop of tear from my eyes ever in my life.

 “My night has become a sunny dawn because of you.”- Ibn Abbad

No journey is boring, it is just a matter of fact that it depends on the person accompanying us. If the one we are travelling with is a very understanding one, then the enjoyment of the journey would simply swell up. The dark night would soon get replaced with that hopeful dawn. [ Read: 7 Ideas for Romantic Love Texts Words for Your LOVE ]

“If I knew I would be so happy one day, I would have searched for you harder and found you before so that I could spend more time with you.”- Sal Dormant

It is true that you had to spend some seriously boring life before you met that special one of your life, but at least now you are satisfied to have found him. Wish we could have met some years earlier, probably the day we came o this world!

Before I met you I never knew what it was like; to look at someone and smile for no reason.”- Unknown

It is really wonderful to notice how things change with time and it is also lot more interesting to note down the changes in us when we find the love of your life. It is so wonderful to look into his eyes and smile, just for no reason! Love truly doesn’t have any language. [ Read: 20 Signs That You Are A Hopeless Romantic ]

 “Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.”- Swedish Proverb

When we are going through some dark phases of life then we tend to push away every person away from us. But a person who truly understands us would never leave us alone. They would constantly be there with us throughout.

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you…when I meet you, I was afraid to kiss you…when I kissed you, I was afraid to love you…Now that I love you, I’m afraid to lose you.”-unknown

There is no need to have any reason to fall in love. love is something that happens on its own and ironically sometimes we are  not at all aware of it. But once you come to know that you are in love, you try your best to hold on to it. [ Read: I decided to open a little portion of my heart ]

I love it when my fingers are entangled in yours, my head was on your chest, listening to your heartbeat. It makes me feel so safe; like nothing bad could happen to me.” – Unknown

It feels so great to hear his heartbeats, it feels so great to know that he is always there holding your hands. The feeling is something superb splendid!

If I know what love is, it is because of you.”- Herman Hesse

You came to know what love is only after he entered you life and taught you about it. It is true that one cannot judge the depth of love, without falling in it. [ Read: 15 Crush Quotes and Sayings ]

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”- Judy Garland

You are actually surprised to get loved by him so immensely. He just touched your soul and made you realize that he is one who is going stay for you and with you throughout the life.

If you’re asking if I need you, the answer is forever. If you’re asking if I’ll leave you, the answer is never. If you’re asking what I value, the answer is you. If you’re asking if I love you, the answer is I do.”- Unknown

And the answers are very genuine. Everybody would agree to the fact that true feelings can never be faked. It simply emerges from the bottom of the heart. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush ]

Thank you for your sweet, sweet love. You’ll never truly know just how happy that you make me and how much I love you so.”- Unknown

You simply forget about all other things when he is with you. His love is so addictive that need nothing else in life.

Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever.”- Unknown

For you are the only one who has got the right to simply own me completely. It is just for you love that I am alive and would love to live another thousand years with you. [ Read: 7 Rules For Texting Your Partner ]

We hope you liked the above quotes. Why don’t you share some of the cute things about your lover? Isn’t it a great idea to express your love to world? So, why to delay? Comment now.