15 Big Early Warning Signs of a Bad Boyfriend

15 Big Early Warning Signs of a Bad Boyfriend
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15 Big Early Warning Signs of a Bad Boyfriend

When you first starting dating your boyfriend, you find him to be the best boyfriend in the world. The way he woos you, tries to impress you and pursue you by giving you all his attention makes you feels so special.

By as time passes by, things start to change. Once he wins you over, that’s the time when he starts to think how truly he wishes to be with you. Then comes a time when he starts ignoring you, does not have time for you or even worse. [ Read: Best Ways To Send Her A Perfect Good Night Text ]

If you are experiencing this kind of behavior from your boyfriend, is it time to take a deep look at your relationship. The following are 15 big early warning signs that will tell you whether you have a bad boyfriend or no.

  1. He is taking you for granted

You love him, you are sweet and caring towards him but he does not do anything for you in return. He takes everything that you do for him for granted. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush ]

  1. He is ignoring you

Many times he does not answer your calls even if he is not busy with anything and he becomes very moody about talking to you. He takes a lot of time to call you back or to text.

  1. He doesn’t give you time

 He has time for his family, his friend and other activities, but when you ask him to spend time with you, he makes excuses about being busy. [ Read: 10 Signs of Attraction in the First Conversation ]

  1. He is emotionally unavailable

An early warning of having a bad boyfriend is that he avoids talking about the future of your relationship with you. Besides that, he talks about all his future plans.

  1. He is keeping secrets from you

Mostly secret are names of different girls. Despite being in a relationship with you, he may be flirting with other girls in college, or at his workplace. Hence, losing interest in you. [ Read: 14 Signs You’re Ruining Your First Date Unknowingly ]

  1. He is self obsessed

All he does is talking about him to you; his life goals, his desires, his future, his life. He has no interest in you or your life and may even ignore you if you talk about your problems, your life with him.

  1. He blames you for everything

Your boyfriend starts blaming you for anything and everything. He blames for his shortcomings, for his failures, for his mistakes. [ Read: 18 Deep Reasons Why You Don’t Have Any Friends! ]

  1. He is dominating

He tries to boss you around all the time. What is right for you, with whom should you hang out, what you both should be doing when you are with him and if you do not listen to him, he will start shouting at you.

  1. He abuses you

He is good to you when he is happy, but if he is angry you get to see the bad side of him. If he is abusing you, hitting you and threatening you it is time for you to walk away right now. [ Read: 10 Things You do That Will Make Your Girl Adore You More ]

  1. He does not say sorry for his mistakes

It is a sign of a bad boyfriend who does not apologize for his mistakes. He is not ready to accept his fault and blames something else or someone else for it.

  1. He does not wish to get along with your family member or your friends

Any guy who is serious about your relationship will always want to impress your friends and family in order to make a good impression so that they approve your choice. But if he is not serious about you, he will refuse meeting anyone from your side. He will make excuses for not meeting them. [ Read: 7 Reasons why family rules are important ]

  1. He is very selfish

He never remembers your birthday, your anniversary dates but fights with you if you forget his special dates. He may not want to do anything special on your birthday even if he remembers it by any chance. He will make excuses of being busy, that it is just a waste of money to buy flowers n cards on birthdays etc.

  1. He lies to you

He lies to you for everything, even when there was not anything to lie about. He becomes a part of some guy’s nature to lie all the time about everything without any reason. Such kind of guys cannot be trust if you think of being in a life long relationship with him. [ Read: 10 Reasons to Get Married and Live Happily Ever After ]

  1. He is over possessive and jealous of your male friends

You boyfriend does not trust and suspects on you every time you talk to a guy friend of yours. He forces you to stop talking to them or meeting them or else he might breakup with you. He hates it even if you talk to a guy in front of him. These things later lead to fights and big arguments.

  1. He does not respect you and your relationship with him

This is one of the biggest warning signs of a bad boyfriend that you need to notice and act upon. If your boyfriend doesn’t respect you, it means you are not important to him anymore. Whether you stay in your life or you don’t, it would not matter to him. [ Read: 16 Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Relationship ]

Sometimes if is not easy to realize the signs of having a bad boyfriend when you are in love. But if there is something that is not right with him, then you can go through these signs to identify if he is a good or a bad boyfriend and take the right decision about your relationship accordingly.