14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy

14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy
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14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy

Making a woman happy requires work. Various women like various, different things. Some women go for PDA, while others like to keep things private. Some like to spend every waking moment together while some respect their private space.  So how can you make sure that you make your lady happy?

Here are a few tips!

  1. 1. Appreciate

Everyone has some or the other qualities and positivities. Whenever your wife or girlfriend does something special, be sure you let her know that you appreciate her efforts and value her. No matter what she does – how simple or complex, make sure you voice out your appreciation.  [ Read: 11 Things a Man Should Never Say to His Woman! ]

  1. Make her laugh

Sense of humour is very important in a relationship. Laughter is a great medicine, and it’s a perfect win to let your girl have a good laugh whenever possible. Telling a couple of jokes or pulling a few antics are not much to ask for. Crack a few jokes and make her laugh – it’s the best you can do.

  1. Cook

No matter your cooking prowess, when you cook for your lady love, your efforts won’t go unappreciated. You don’t have to be a master chef to cook something, look up an easy recipe online and cook it up. I am sure, she will be more than thankful and happy.   [ Read: 11 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Go Gaga Over You! ]

  1. Be affectionate

Being affectionate does not mean that you never have your hands off her. Indulge in subtle romance like a random kiss or a quick back rub when she returns from work. The tiny little things that you do out of love will go a long way with her.

  1. Share her work

There are a few chores that your girl might be hating. It could be washing dishes or doing the weekly laundry, anything. Why don’t you share some of her chores and amaze her. Sharing her work will win you some good points.  [ Read: 11 Things a Man Should Never Say to His Woman! ]

  1. Fix up

Women like men who can fix things and take care of them. When her computer crashes, fix it for her. If there’s an electric problem or a faucet that needs to be fixed, do it for her. This will make her a lot happier. This is a sure-fire tip.

  1. Play games together

Games aren’t only for kids. Even adults should play games to stimulate themselves. There are many games that you both can enjoy indoors and outdoors. Board games, solving puzzles together and there are many such ideas that will come to your rescue.  [ Read: 7 Rules of playing Cupid (matchmaker) ]

  1. Pamper her

Sometimes, women try to look better to feel better. That’s why they go on pamper sessions at the spa, their manicurist or their favorite salon when they’re sad. In times like this, offer to pay for her pamper session or accompany her when she’s trying to relax.

  1. Gift her

Gifting does not mean that you empty out your wallet or burn a hole through it. Gifting simply means that you show that you care and are concerned about her. Find out what she likes and gift her something. It can be as simple as a flower.  [ Read: Cute Gift Ideas For Him And For Her ]

  1. Listen to her

Some girls are capable of talking your ears off. But instead of just brushing off what she has to say to you, try to actually listen and respond. You don’t always need to solve her problems or give suggestions, because sometimes all she needs is someone who would listen. Be that person and she’ll know you’re a keeper!

  1. Involve her

Show her that she’s an important part of your life by letting her in on activities you enjoy. If you’re into working out, invite her to join you. If you’re a soccer player, invite her to watch you play. If you like to paint, ask her for her opinion on how to make your painting nicer. Even if it’s not her thing, simply asking already makes her feel more involved.   [ Read: 7 Best Ways To Show That You Love Her ]

  1. Her opinions matter

Women have a mind of their own, and they are pretty opinionated. Every now and then, ask them for their opinion. Whether it is about a work decision or something to do with home, do not make all the decisions by yourself, and involve her too.

  1. Value her

Your girl must have certain interests, things that she likes and is fond of. Show her that you value her by taking an interest in things she likes. If she is fond of art, take her to an art exhibition, if she likes animals, take her to a day trip to the zoo.  [ Read: Love Is Always Worth A Try And Here Are The Reasons Why ]

  1. Give her space

Don’t crowd her life all the time. She needs some space every now and then. Let her do something on her own and let her be on her own at times too. Space is very important in every relationship, and a guy who respects that makes his woman happy. These tips are sure going to help you have all your smooth moves on your girl. A happy girl in your life means a happy you!

These tips are sure going to help you have all your smooth moves on your girl. A happy girl in your life means a happy you!