14 Signs You’re Ruining Your First Date Unknowingly

14 Signs You’re Ruining Your First Date Unknowingly
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14 Signs You’re Ruining Your First Date Unknowingly

Going on a date requires a lot of work and preparation. There’s deciding a venue, arranging for your dress, shoes, perfume, accessories, a lot of stress involved. However, it’s all exciting as well. There’s the whole possibility of meeting your prospective love interest and creating something meaningful.

It all depends on how your first date goes. It is the first date where you form an impression and set the tone for future dates. Here are a few pointers that will tell you if you are running your first date unknowingly!

  1. Faking your character

When people say ‘be yourself’, listen to them. This is one of the most basic and important piece of advice to be followed on first dates. While it might be exciting to fake your character, you definitely cannot carry the charade for long. [Read : 11 Bad Social Habits that Make You Undateable ]

  1. Chatterbox

If you do not communicate, how will you get to know the person right? However, the key here is communication – wherein two people exchange ideas and talk to each other. Do not be a chatterbox and go on talking, without giving the other person any chance to do so.

  1. Too frank

Opening up is okay. Giving out too much information is not. Sharing is communicating, but many times people get carried away and share way too much than they should on a first date. The key is to share, yet keep a few things to yourself. [Read : 16 Tips to Dazzle Him on Your First Date ]

  1. One-man show

A date is between two people. Two people who are equal participants. It’s not between a person and audience. Do not steal the limelight and make the date all about yourself. Talk some and listen some. Share some and receive some.

  1. Question like a cop

Getting to know the other person does not mean interrogating them. Getting to know a person comes gradually. If you go on questioning someone, it will put them in a tough spot and make the whole date very uncomfortable. [Read : 13 Warning Signs To Detect On The Very First Dates! ]

  1. Being nervous

You agreed to go on date, so why the panic attacks now? Being nervous is the ultimate killer of a date. Being nervous eats away at your confidence and everything then just goes downhill. Once you know you have a date, boost all your energy and focus on being not nervous.

  1. Over-dress

Excitement is one thing, being over-excited is another. Looking good on a date is essential. However, in all your excitement to impress, do not be foolish and over dress. Keep it simple and classy. Do not wear something you are not comfortable with just because you want to look different. [Read : 13 Best Ideas For A Dinner Date! ]

  1. Have expectations

Going to a date with too many expectations will only leave you flabbergasted. Having expectations is self doom. Go to a date with an open mind, and take things as they come. If you go in with a lot of expectations, and your date does not meet them, you will be unnecessarily let down.

  1. Over cooperative

While being accommodating is good, being overly cooperative can be a foolish thing to do. If you are not comfortable with certain ticks of your date, make a note. Don’t let it go just because you want to appear sweet and easy going. [Read : 14 Ways to Charm Her on The Very First Date! ]

  1. Being bossy

Let your date make equal decisions as you. Whether it is about deciding the venue, ordering food, watching a movie, or anything that involves decision making, don’t be bossy and have only what you want.

  1. Proving a point

Discussions can easily turn into debates. While you might want to press a point that you think is the only correct one, it is not a suitable thing to do on date! Let the conversation be light and easy rather than drawing out your swords and making it a battle ground. [Read : Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love To Date Shy Women]

  1. Showering compliments

Being polite is important, also essential. Compliment your date for looking beautiful and thanks them too, however, keep away from showering unnecessary compliments. If you do that, you will come across as someone who is just trying too hard.

  1. Talk of second date

Do not push for a second date without knowing if the other person wants so or not. Pushing for a second date, even before you are done with the first one, makes you look desperate. Whatever chances you might have had, will fly off the moment you start pushing. [Read : 15 Kind of Girlfriends who can Make Your Life a Living Hell! ]

  1. Faking chemistry

Chemistry is something you do not create, it comes to two people naturally. The first date is way too early to realize that you two share a chemistry, so quit hinting at it over and over again. If you both share a chemistry, you both will realize it.

There you go, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Do not make these mistakes and ruin your first date!