14 Best Ways to Make a Guy Feel Wanted and Needed!

14 Best Ways to Make a Guy Feel Wanted and Needed!
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15 Best Ways to Make a Guy Feel Wanted and Needed!

You may be independent and in control of your life. But do you think your way of life can make your boyfriend feel neglected or unnecessary? Every guy wants to date a girl who is in control of her life and whose life is sorted in every way. No guy likes a girl who is all clingy and who always feel needy, be it emotionally or physically.

You would not realize but at times your guy may feel undesired in your life. And if that tends to happen every single time you talk to him, then it’s not a good sign in your relationship. Both the parties in the relationship need to feel wanted and desirable by the other partner to make things work. Both need to feel that they hold a vital place in each other’s life.  [ Read: 13 Little Ways to Make Your Guy Feel Special ]

A man wishes to feel like a man! He’ll feel like a man when he’s madly desired by their special someone, which is you! He feels elated when he sees himself as the sole provider of happiness in your life. Don’t make him feel neglected.

It’s not a big task to make your guy feel wanted. It’s always the little things that makes a difference. Just follow these 15 tips to make him keep feeling wanted and needed.

  1. Remind him you respect him!

Giving and receiving respect is one of the main things to make a relationship work. It will be a sense of pride when he will receive the desired respect from his girlfriend. [ Read: 12 Things Happy Couples Talk About and Feel Closer ]

  1. Tell him you love him!

Life is very uncertain. It’s better to remind your guy time and again that you love him, tell him this every day. It may seem overrated to hear those three words but it always gives the same satisfaction to the one who listens to it. Only words would not do the talking, actions will also come into play.

  1. A little bit of possessiveness!

It’s perfect if you trust your boyfriend completely. But showing that possessiveness would never harm you, it’ll make you boyfriend laugh at first. But deep down he’ll think you are scared of losing him.  [ Read: 7 Unique Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special ]

  1. Show him that you miss him!

This can’t be fake, and you need to make him see that you miss him. You do miss him when he’s not around. Correct? Tell him how much you miss him and you can’t wait to see him again.

  1. Give him appreciation!

Thank your boyfriend for every little thing he does for you, give him an appreciation kiss. It will make him feel elated. Don’t take him for granted at any point of time. When you’re committed, you may often overlook the little gestures that he does for you.  [ Read: How does Your Humour Affect Your Relationship? ]

  1. Don’t be bossy!

Don’t boss around like the man of the house. It’s not good to show him your independence to a level that he feels you don’t need him anymore. It may work for him as a tonic to break up instantly.

  1. Tell him your secrets!

When a girl completely trusts a guy, she can easily share her innermost secrets that she’d been hiding for a while. It will bring him closer to you and he’ll feel like he’s important to you. . [ Read: Five Love Facts – Love Has its Reason, and That Reason is Unknown ]

  1. Don’t reject his little efforts!

Don’t ever disrespect or reject his sweet little gestures to make you happy. If your boyfriend comes and hugs you from behind or if he messes up with you in the kitchen when you are preparing breakfast for him, then don’t interrupt him. Let him do what he wishes to and enjoy with him.

  1. Acknowledge everything he does!

Appreciate the hard work he’s put in to make you smile. Acknowledge everything he does for you. The smallest of the smallest things will make him smile. He will get to know that you consider and notice what he has been doing for you and that is enough to make him happy. . [ Read: 12 Things Guys Like in a Girl besides Her Appearance ]

  1. Ask him for some help!

No matter how independent you are, show him your vulnerable side. He’ll feel nice when he sees your soft side and when you take his help even in the smallest issues. Make him realize how much his support means to you.

  1. Learn to say sorry!

Some people have ego issues and they don’t want to take the first step to apologize if there is some verbal fight. It’s a good habit to say sorry first first and let go off the issue. It doesn’t really matter who ends the fights. A sorry is only going to bring you both closer.   [ Read: 13 Best Ideas For A Dinner Date! ]

  1. Tell him he’s perfect for you!

You are with this guy because he’s perfect for you. Right? So, if you feel so, you should straight away convey him this. He’ll feel nice and wanted when you’ll tell him about your real feelings.

  1. Consult him!

Always try to hear his opinion over certain important things. Consult him when you think of taking an important decision. Asking for his point of view is no harm and it will make him feel that you include him into your important things.  [ Read: An Emotional Love Letter ]

  1. Showcase your love and affection!

Hold his hand while you walk down the street. Run your fingers through his hair, it will make him feel loved. Wink at him when he talks to some of his friends.

  1. Ask him for his expert advice!

If you really want your guy to feel good about himself, just ask him for his advice. He’ll think that you respect his opinion and value it. He’ll actually be on cloud nine. It will definitely bring out the spark in the relationship.  [ Read: What am I supposed to do with A Broken heart? ]

A little effort goes a long way. Be your true self with him and he’ll certainly love you more and more every day!