14 Awkward Questions You Should Avoid Asking a Guy

14 Awkward Questions You Should Avoid Asking a Guy
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14 Awkward Questions You Should Avoid Asking a Guy

Some questions are better left unasked as these could make the guy feel uncomfortable. Women are a bunch of people who are very inquisitive. We always want to know everything, especially about the guy we are with. We make it our way, be it by spying or by outright asking. The issue here is that we often end up asking questions which shouldn’t be asked.

Due to our curiousness about anything and everything, we may put our man off. There are a bunch of some questions which we very innocently ask our guy, but from their point of view, it’s tough to answer them without feeling uncomfortable. [ Read: 11 Things that Mean More to Men Than “I Love You” ]

If you’re the type of woman who wants the answer no matter what, then this may irk your guy to the core. So, as we conclude it, we have come down to a list of questions which may irritate your guy to the core if you ask him and it may make your guy feel uncomfortable too.

  1. How many women have you dated?

This is one question that you may be sure of not getting an honest answer for. He may not give an honest answer for two possible reasons – one, if the number is too high, because then you may think he’s kind of a womaniser. Second, if he gives a small number, then you may wonder why he wasn’t able to impress more women. You may think that he lacks something. [ Read: 12 Minute Signs You Are Being Manipulated By Your Lover ]

  1. What’s on your mind?

It is one of the ‘out of the world’ question for guys. Especially when girls ask it just after they made love. Surely his mind may wander in different directions other than you but he may not want to disappoint you. Therefore, he would say something like how much he loves you or how good that whole session was.

  1. Did you ever like a guy in an indifferent manner?

It’s fine if your guy is attracted to some of his male friends. That won’t make him any less decent. But, if you bluntly ask him, he may not feel that comfortable. He will tell you if he wants to on his own.

  1. Which friend of yours do you like the least?

You’re just plainly asking him which of his friends he doesn’t like. If you put that much attention into that one friend, he may think that he actually is betraying that friend just due to your curiosity. You could also re-frame this question in order to make it sound more harmless. You can ask him ” which of your friends do you hang out with the least? ” [ Read: 13 Simple Ways To Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong One! ]

  1. How were your exes?

For men, if something has ended, it’s over! They won’t keep thinking about it repeatedly if it’s not necessary. When you ask this question, you will force him to think about that dusky part in his past. You may want to avoid any of the problems of some potential threats. But you will know all about it once he’s comfortable. He will tell you himself. Just be patient.

  1. When can we get married?

If you ever want some guy to go in the opposite direction, then you can easily scare them with this question. This is one innocent question which will practically force him to promise you a lifetime of togetherness. A commitment is a really tough decision to make in an instant. It will never come from just one direction. [ Read: 12 Best Ways To Avoid The First Impression Disaster! ]

  1. Me or your hobby?

Don’t make him choose between you and his hobby. There were things that existed for him before you came into his life. It’s just not fair to make him choose between you and his hobby. Even if he does that just because of you, then also it’s a lose-lose situation for you. It will presumably end with an argument.

  1. What is that one thing you want to change about me?

It is not right to ask him such a question which will end up getting him confused. He won’t be able to tell you outright what he needs to change in you, as he may think it will end up making you sad. You also won’t buy it when he says that he doesn’t want to change anything, because that just can’t be true. Everybody is aware about their own flaws. [ Read: Clear Signs of 10 Creepy Guys To Completely Avoid ]

  1. How much money can you earn?

This one question may put a guy in an awkward position. You may easily deduce this question’s answer when you see where he lives or what kind of job he does. You don’t need to know a specific number.

  1. Would you ever think of cheating on me?

Anybody in their right mind would never ask this question, because, how can one expect their guy to answer this kind of a question? He will obviously say no. If he says yes to this, then obviously you will dump him then and there. [ Read: 13 Ways to Make Yourself Charmingly Approachable to Guys ]

  1. Do you think (some of your friend’s name) is hot?

If you ask him this question, he would have no safe answer to give you. He cannot say yes to this, as this will make him sound he has the hots for one your friends. He also cannot say no, as this will come off as insulting for your friend.

  1. Questions regarding his daily activities!

He may not be interested in sharing each and every detail with you. Don’t keep on asking him stuff which he doesn’t want to share; even it’s a general thing on a small topic. Don’t stretch it beyond a point. [ Read: 7 Ways To Make A Man Understand You Completely ]

  1. Are your female friends or acquaintances always at your place?

This sounds rather accusational, as it’s hard to find an answer for this question. If you even ask this question randomly, then also your guy will wonder why you have asked this kind of question.

  1. If I say I want to break up with you, how would you react?

Guys are not those sorts of creatures who think and rehearse all their conversations in their mind, like some girls do. They will react to one thing as and when it comes. This can put him in an awkward position. [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Dating Rules For Classy Men And Women ]

So, these are a list of few questions which you should probably not ask him. It could result in making him feel uncomfortable.