13 Things That Emasculates Your Man

13 Things That Emasculates Your Man
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13 Things That Emasculates Your Man

When you’re in love, you want to push your partner to become a better person, to strive for the better and achieve greater feats! You love him, but you want to alter his personality because you feel he can change for the better.

However, in the process of guiding him, you may push the wrong button; instead of encouraging him, you will hurt him. Here are some things you may do or say that will emasculate your man:

  1. Comparisons with other guys

Nobody likes being compared to others, especially a lover! So when you tell your man that your friend’s boyfriend is so macho or so caring, he won’t understand that you are hoping to change his behaviour; instead the only thing that goes through his head is how you are comparing him. Such comparisons don’t go down well with men! [ Read: 15 Things Women See In A Man Before Falling For Him!]

  1. Bragging about your past

Your life before you met him may have been affluent; your ex boyfriend may have been a successful lawyer; you may be a regular at socialites’ parties, but showing off all this is just going to bring down his morale! You man isn’t bad, you just don’t realise it because you are living in the past. So start living in the present and don’t let your guy get an inferiority complex.

  1. Taking charge

A man likes to lead in every situation. Yet, you doubt his capabilities and take charge – for instance, you take over a debate he’s having with a friend or you talk to the electrician about your bills, etc. This will not only anger him to the core, but also weaken him. He is certainly not going to like the idea of you being the man of the house when he is around. [ Read: 9 Extremely Romantic Love Sayings That You should Say To Your Love ]

  1. Shouting at him

No man in the universe will accept his woman yelling at him, so if you think you are going to get away with it you are highly mistaken. Keep that respect in check while you speak to him, or else it won’t be too long before he walks away!

  1. Flirting with other guys

How would you feel when you see your guy hitting of other women in your presence? When he sees you flirting with other guys, he is going to think he isn’t good enough, or you aren’t interested him anymore or that your relationship is over! So unless this is what you feel, avoid flirting with other guys when you already have someone you love who loves you back! [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

  1. Disregarding his achievement

Take pride in all his accomplishments! Wouldn’t you wish for some applause for your promotion at work, or completing a marathon, or winning an award for a project you have worked so hard on? So when he comes home with good news like this, don’t dismiss him – however small or big the achievement, always give a pat on his back.

  1. Doing things your way

Know that everybody has their own way of working, and just let him be – let him fix the kitchen cabinet door in a particular way or put up the curtains the way he’s comfortable. By asking him to leave and telling him that he can’t do anything right, you are most definitely putting a dent in his ego! [ Read: 15 Signs She’s Leading You to Nowhere on the Relationship Path! ]

  1. Never taking his opinion

Since he’s an important part of your life (if not the most important) he will obviously expect you to consider his views! However, if you ask everyone around you for an opinion about your life except him, he will be emasculated! In every aspect of life, ask him before taking a decision.

  1. Managing his actions

Your boyfriend is not a child and neither are you his mother so never tell him what to do! Guys hate it when they are instructed, especially by their wife or girlfriend! You may know an easier way to do the laundry or cook the chicken, but don’t tell him how to do it; just sit back and enjoy the fact that he’s helping around the house and cooking for you! [ Read: 13 Ways to Make Yourself Charmingly Approachable to Guys ]

  1. Treating him like a coward

Yes, some boys are scared, but don’t spell it out to him! You are attacking his ego when you treat him like a coward and that is going to have an adverse effect on him as well as your relationship.

  1. Fighting in public

Always keep your arguments and fights inside your bedroom! Fighting in public and yelling at him in front of friends and family shows nothing but disrespect. Your man will hate you for treating him so badly and of course, not care about you or your relationship. [ Read: 12 Delicate Signs of a Loveless Unhappy Marriage ]

  1. Belittling his salary

Money matters are touchy, so keep away from discussing them and bringing them between you. Whatever he brings to the table is the result of his hard work so appreciate this. By mocking his work and telling him he earns peanuts, all you are doing is de-motivating him and weakening his mind!

  1. Making him do things you like

You like going to the book club so you take him along; you prefer chicken over fish so you eat only chicken; you want to go for weekend trips once a month and despite his work pressure you make him take these trips – well, you are just being dominating and inconsiderate! Take a second know what he likes and what he’s comfortable with or this emasculation is going to drive him away. [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Dating Rules For Classy Men And Women ]

There will always be a guy with a bigger house, a fatter paycheque and greater achievements, but that doesn’t mean your guy is any less capable or talented! So if you think you are doing any of these things to emasculate your man, avoid them immediately and make him feel loved and special!