13 Signs of a Rebound Relationship

13 Signs of a Rebound Relationship
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13 Signs of a Rebound Relationship

Relationships give as much of happiness as heartbreaks! Yes, we all know that being in love isn’t a piece of cake!

Most people deal with heartbreaks by not giving the heart a break i.e. they just date over and over again in order to avoid the pain. So how do you make out whether you are facing the rebound syndrome?

Read on to find out the common signs of a rebound relationship.

  1. Always on a lookout

All you wish for is to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. What kind of person you are dating, who is he/she or does he/she care about you – all this doesn’t matter to you. You are just content with the fact that you have a partner.  [ Read: 15 Signs She’s Leading You to Nowhere on the Relationship Path! ]

  1. Ulterior motive

What is the reason for you to date the person you are with? Are you genuinely interested in him/her or are you dating him/her with the intention of making your ex-jealous? Whatever the case, be true to yourself. Make it clear to you person so that you are not playing around with his/her feelings.

  1. Too close for a new couple

When you are new in a relationship, you are still getting comfortable with that person. However, if there is an extra dose of PDA or he is too comfy in the nascent stages, read between the lines. He maybe forcing himself to fall for you and the result is getting touchy and showing unnecessary affection.   [ Read: Relationship Tips for Single Women ]

  1. Comparisons with the ex

You constantly get comparisons with the ex! Whether it is the way you talk or react to jokes or your cooking style or taste in movies – she always connects this with the ex-boyfriend. Apart from the fact that this is annoying, also realize that she isn’t over him at all!

  1. Eagerness to flaunt the relationship status

It has been a week in the relationship and he has changed his relationship status on all social media websites. You see your photos posted everywhere with cheesy captions, and everywhere you go he is always showing off to people that he has a girlfriend. Get the hint and if you are not comfortable with the situation, talk to your partner.  [ Read: How does Your Humour Affect Your Relationship? ]

  1. Changing behaviour as per the new partner

Do you find a change in your choice of music; or your preferred cuisine is not Chinese anymore, but Mexican because your new partner enjoys that, or you’ve started enjoying football, after knowing your new boyfriend is ardent follower – all this proves that you are changing yourself just to please your new lover. You may not realize this, but if your friends observe this change in you, know that you aren’t truly interested in this new person, but you are with him for the sake of dating someone.

  1. Surprised friends

Friends know best! So if you hear that his friends are surprised with your relationship, make note of it! The chances are that both sets of friends are taken aback with your decision to date him since he just got out of a serious relationship a few weeks ago. Your friends are your well-wishers and if they smell something fishy, there really is something fishy!  [ Read: 13 Relationship Mistakes New Couples Make All the Time! ]

  1. Lack of commitment

When you ask your partner about weekend plans, he doesn’t give you a clear answer and refuses to commit to dinner plans. In fact, he never plans anything in advance. This is because he is keeping his options open so if he has an opportunity to meet someone new, he will go ahead with that instead of being with you.

  1. Talking about the past

She is always talking about the happy times of the past! For instance, if you take her to a restaurant for dinner, she tells you about the time when her ex-boyfriend got her there; or she remembers the anniversary date with her ex and tells you how they used to spend those special days. When you hear her reminiscing the past, you ought to know she’s not in love with you!  [ Read: Very Nice Quotes About Relationships and Love ]

  1. Mood swings

You don’t know whether to be happy or sad; you are very confused. You may be liking your new romance, but when you are alone all you think about is your old love and get depressed. Try to avoid spending too much time alone, because wounds take a time to heal.

  1. You go with the flow

You don’t think about the future of your relationship, instead you are just letting it take its own course! Even when he/she talks about the future, you tackle the topic and avoid indulging in such thoughts.  [ Read: 10 Valuable Lessons You Will Learn From Failed Relationships ]

  1. Wish you bump into your ex

When you plan to go anywhere with your current boyfriend, you plan to visit places that your ex-likes in a hope to see him there. You don’t really care about spending time with your current partner, but are more interested in seeing your old lover.

  1. Dream about getting back with your ex

Even though you are with someone new, your mind is always occupied with memories of your ex and your heart hopes to reunite with him/her. You know that when you get one call from you ex and you will leave everything, forget all the pain and run to him!  [ Read: 12 Signs You’re Being Selfish in the Relationship ]

In all honesty, there is no harm in being in a rebound relationship as long as you and the other person are clear about the arrangement. This way, you know how much to expect and what the future holds for you. And, of course, there is always a chance of this rebound turning into something worthwhile, so don’t dismiss all the options!