13 Rules to Take an Inch Forward to Being a Proper Gentleman

13 Rules to Take an Inch Forward to Being a Proper Gentleman

It’s a few of those little things that a gentleman would do to make a difference in a woman’s eyes. What exactly makes some men more charming and super attractive in front of a woman? If you really wish to chivalrous, then there are some of the really important things you should keep in mind. Don’t be one of those who would not open the car door for her or who would make her pay on the very first date. Don’t be one of those who just calls when he needs something. If this is the case of how in these modern times men date women, then chivalry must be definitely dead.

13 Rules to Take an Inch Forward to Being a Proper Gentleman

Some of the men are not just updated about how they need to behave or what kind of etiquette they need to possess to have the girl of their dreams. With so many ways of depicting a man in various shows focusing on this side of the man, some of the men have no idea how to treat a lady. [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Dating Rules For Classy Men And Women


Question yourself; are you one of those men who have no slightest clue of how to treat a woman with grace? If the answer to this question is yes, then read on to know the best possible ways to turn into a gentleman in no longer time.

  1. Be very clear about what you want.

The complications of the modern dating might put you away from being in the good books of the one you love. Going out for a lunch or just a coffee might be a little confusing for the girl. Be very clear if it’s just a normal hangout or a date. You should be crystal clear about what you desire for. [ Read: Very Nice Rules Of Love For Couples ]

  1. Don’t just make a scene on the last day!

Some girls may like the idea of being asked out on the very same day as the plan is. But, it would be more comfortable for the girl if you tell her a few days before about the scheduled date.

  1. Don’t throw vacuous humour!

Nobody would like to deal with the person who is witless and speaks nonsense. If you are out on a date with somebody, then try not to offend her. It is never acceptable by anybody. Try to make her smile with some gentle and wittier jokes. Don’t start insulting people just for the sake of making her smile. [ Read: 12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship. SHH! ]

  1. Look out for the decent number of drinks you can easily handle!

Don’t drink too much on the very first date. You should know already the number of drinks you can easily handle. You might also say some things which are not acceptable to the one you are dating. You may sound vulgar too and you won’t be able to rectify it if you cross that decent boundary.

  1. Watch out your table manners!

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t practice normal table manners at your place. But you know that first impression is the last impression. If you don’t have any clue about it, then you can always refer to the internet about knowing the basic table manners. The basics are not to slurp the soup you are having or resting your elbows on the table or talking while eating. [ Read: 7 Golden Rules For A Happy Life ]

  1. Let her sit first!

You don’t let her sit first just because you think she needs help. You do it out of chivalry and how you care about her comfort before yours. This also gives her a good impression of how you treat her.

  1. Don’t publicize your break up!

If things don’t go well between you two, then publicizing a break up is no good idea either. The least good thing you can do is to tell her in person the problems you are facing with her and end the relationship on a healthy note. A message or call won’t help you ending it the right way. If it was actually a long and serious relationship, then she deserves to hear from you straight face to face. Ignoring her completely just because you have lost interest will only make you sound rude. [ Read: Ten Things Never EVER To Do After a Breakup ]

  1. Try the idea of calling more and texting less!

Make it a point that whenever you wish to say something important to a lady, then make sure you call them rather than just texting them. There is no tone or it may sound feeling less if you just message her something. It will help you convey your sincerity better.

  1. Sideline your phone for a while!

It may sound very rude if you are constantly busy with your phone all through the date. Checking your phone once or twice is okay, but checking it constantly might give her a wrong idea that you are not interested in her. Anything would not be so important that can’t wait till the end of your date. [ Read: 13 Simple Ways To Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong One! ]

  1. Pay attention when she says something!

Everybody likes to have full attention of the latter one when they speak something. Paying attention to everything else other than that would only sound unexplainable rude. Even if your date is talking about something really boring, make it a point to listen to her with full interest. Only good looks won’t matter if the person you’ve asked on a date is boring.

  1. Avoid touching other people’s things!

This is basic common-sense but some people might forget this some time in their lives. If some bag of hers is hindering you from keeping your glass on the table, then you don’t simply push her bag to the other side. It may sound weird and rude. You should politely ask her to put the bag down or hang it on the chair. [ Read: 7 Best Ways To Easily Impress Girlsa ]

  1. Remove your headgear indoors!

All such types of headgear such as caps or hats were used to protect you from the outside elements. But what could possibly hit you inside the cinema or a restaurant? It might complete your overall look but avoid wearing it when you are indoors.

  1. Open the door for her!

This can never go out of fashion and old. It looks so cute when you do this little thing for her. It proves that you are proper gentleman from the inside and outside. It will seem very polite and chivalrous. [ Read: Read Why We Should Not Force Love And Give It Time ]

If you master these few rules, then you can easily outshine those ill-mannered and stupid brats out there.