13 Reasons You are Bored of Your Relationship

13 Reasons You are Bored of Your Relationship
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13 Reasons You are Bored of Your Relationship

We all ask for one at every wishing well – a wish for your soulmate! Surely, having that special someone makes everything better and you feel like you can’t ask for more. But relationships are a task! They can get tiring and stagnant after a point.

Here are a few reasons why you may get bored of your relationship:

  1. Routine life

You wake up, see you partner before work and then after work and this becomes your routine! All you do is follow the same timetable, do the same things together and even go to the same selected few restaurants for dinner. Since you aren’t doing anything new at all, life is going to become dull and you’ll just stop enjoying your time together.  [ Read: 15 Signs She’s Leading You to Nowhere on the Relationship Path! ]

  1. Getting into it too soon

Love at first sight – yes, that is a possibility; yet in today’s world you should always take your time to find love. With relationships becoming so casual, you may think its love in just 2 weeks and guess what – four weeks down the line you realize that the relationship doesn’t interest you at all!

  1. Lack of excitement

Your relationship may lack exciting activities. When things are going great between you and your partner, you tend to take surprises and spending your special time together for granted. So if you think it has been some time since you have gone on a trip together, you need to plan a vacation to reignite the fire!  [ Read: 10 Ways To Bring Back The Lost Spark In Your Relationship ]

  1. Grass seems greener on the other side

You like your partner a lot, but every time you go out, you are looking at people as potential dating options. You feel you deserve better and find something worth dating in many people you meet. If that is the case, your relationship will just get worse, so the sooner you get out of it, the better it is.

  1. No memories to cherish

What is the last happy memory you have about the two of you? If you are only living on memories of your initial dating stage- when you’ll were dynamic and exciting, you’ve got a problem. No relationship can sustain on just a few memories, you need to keep creating fun times you can look back at and cherish.  [ Read: That Rainy Memory – True Story ]

  1. Everything is planned

Coming week is planned – work schedules, dinner plans, visiting parents, etc. You and your love don’t do anything spontaneous! Be it vacations, Christmas holidays or long weekends, you plan every step. Go out and do something spontaneous, or this boring relationship will turn into a stale cabbage!

  1. Different passions

What will you dream about if you don’t share similar passions and goals? Even after spending so much time together, if you don’t bond on common grounds and the same things don’t excite you, you will not know what to look forward to or how to plan your future together! [ Read: Five Love Facts – Love Has its Reason, and That Reason is Unknown ]

  1. No life of your own

You only spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend and nobody else! The relationship is such that you have no time for yourself or your hobbies; you are perpetual with him/her! How much ever you love your partner, you need to pursue your own interests and spend time with others or else after a point, and your relationship will not excite you!

  1. Another emotional attachment

Do you have another friend who you connect with? You find it easier to talk to this person about all your joys and sorrows and moreover, you look forward to meeting him/her! You may not realize this, but you are getting attached to another person because your relationship doesn’t attract you anymore.  [ Read: An Emotional Love Letter ]

  1. Instinct says you are lying to yourself

Always trust your instincts in life! If your heart tells you that he/she is not “the one,” pay heed to this voice! Don’t hang on to something that has already lost its life – yes, if your relationship is dead, accept this and move on.

  1. Fights for everything

Whether you didn’t answer the phone call, or pick up your towel or spoke to another girl – you and your partner start an argument for it all! They may be petty issues, yet your anger just bursts out and bang- there comes a huge fight! This happens because you are already annoyed with the relationship and there are so many issues buried that you need just one reason to let out all the frustration!  [ Read: 6 Ways To End Fights And Conflicts Quickly ]

  1. You cannot have a conversation

Your dinner’s lack conversation or you decide to watch a movie so that you don’t have to think of topics to talk upon – this is a sign, honey! Your partner does not interest you anymore – you do not wish to discuss your life with him/her nor share your feelings. Hence, you are unable to talk to him/her. Don’t live in such misery, just end this boring relationship and move into a happier place!

  1. You take each other for granted

You don’t mind ditching your dates or you don’t feel the need to impress your partner anymore or even send those sweet ‘I love you’ text messages during the day! You know he’s in love with you and you take advantage of this fact; so much so that you stop making life special for the person in any sort of way!  [ Read: 13 Relationship Mistakes New Couples Make All the Time! ]

Your heart will never lie to you, so if you hear a voice telling you that you are in a stagnant relationship, the best move is to end it and release yourself from the depression! However, if you know the love exists and it is just lack of excitement that has turned your relationship into dust, reignite the fire and bring back life in your love!