13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend

13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend

Cuddling can be counted as the cutest and one of the best heart melting things one can ever expect from their partner. It is definitely one of the best means to show physical affection. Cuddles bring happiness to the partners and it is the best way to bring two people closer. It is also a scientific fact that by the means of cuddling, a hormone is released which reduces stress and anxiety, and nurtures your well being. If you don’t know the ABC of cuddling or you are a newbie in the relationship area, here is the thing for you. A little know-how can bring the best in you and for your partner as well.

13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend

Let us read the 13 ways to cuddle your boyfriend.

1. Slow and steady

As they say, slow and steady strikes in your heart forever, rather than rushing up things and spoiling it up. Somebody has to take the initiative in a relationship for everything, so why not you being the daring one? Just shoot up and start with your snuggling. It is the best to start real slow. One needs to control their emotions too, this means don’t just jump on your partner, no matter how impatient you’ve been. Placing a hand on his shoulder or back and giving it a light rub gives a good sense of security and warmth. It is important to have your intentions crystal clear. Caressing their arm may give them an idea what you are leading to. [ Check out: 10 cute ways to remind your boyfriend that you love him


The best idea is to start slow and cuddle till both the partners are comfortable, not just with the sole intention of progressing.

2. Sit along with him

If you both are watching a flick on the couch, don’t sit miles apart. If his hand is at the back of couch, then take it as the sign that he wants you to move into the crook of his arm. While watching anything makes it easier as then your sneaky moves won’t look so obvious to your man.

3. Let him reach your shoulder

Once you’ve done your part and you’re in the crook of his arm, make him see and feel that you’re liking his touch and hence, move closer to him. Put your head on his chest or can even rest below his neck. You may also smile at him to just let him know that you’re liking this cuddling thing. Reaching his hand would also give him the right message.

4. Reclining cuddle is a must

If you want something more interesting with your partner, then you must know this type of cuddling. You may put your arms around him and make him recline to your lap. After this, you can just massage his shoulders and head. Alternatively, you may just lie down to his stomach, facing him.

5. Layering up

It proves best in tight places. Layering up your guy by having his face up, You may then rest by having your face down directly over the bottom half. In case to avoid suffocation of the lower part, the person at the top should be staggering his body slightly downwards in order to turn their head to the side and resting it over the bottom’s half chest.

6. The sitting spoon

This is a classic cuddling move since forever, You and your boyfriend must be sitting up with your arms around each other, but both of yours legs should be folded. Next, you should turn to your boyfriend and you should try to fit right on his lap while his legs are below you on the ground. [ Also read: 7 ways to deal with a possessive boyfriend ]

7. The perfect headlock

While sleeping, when you face each other, put your head into the crook of his arm to give yourself a more secure feeling that everything is perfect as it seems. It gives a sense of security and happiness.

8. The all time favorite nuzzling

Nuzzling your face around your partner’s neck area might seem to be very cute and intimate. It reminds the couple around their affection and mutual love. It might be performed sideways or one partner can be on the top.

9. Face to face works perfectly

One of the most romantic positions in cuddling is going face to face when you lie down for a long time. You may lie down in support of your stomach and you may turn your head to the other side or laying on the sides also works good, whichever feels more comfortable and romantic. You even should hold hands to cover up the space between your bodies to heat up the environment of the room.

10. Tickling

This is one of the most giggling type of an activity which couples tend to do to cool up the environment or to refresh each other a bit. This can e included in the cutest kind of cuddling activities. Little bit of tickling may bring your partner closer to you in no time.

11. Belly cuddle

You can do this with your partner in no particular time, be it day or night. When he is on his stomach, push your head into his tummy area and rub it with your head. It may seem a bit funny but it turns to work if you hear their tummy gurgle.

12. The ‘C’ position thing

This is one spooning position. This follows as lying on your side and both the partners facing away from each other, so that his chest should be against your back. Your bodies must be in a ‘C’ position. He may even rest his chin on your shoulder to keep you two a bit more closer.

13. Butterfly kiss

This works as and when you move your eyelashes to your partner’s cheeks and they start to feel it in the cutest manner. This one proves to be the newest kind of cuddling known. [ Read here: 5 ways to deal with a rude Boyfriend ]

Once you come to know all this, you are all set to give your partner the best cuddling experience in the best possible way that both can enjoy. This enhances the bond and the relationship. It moves the relationship to the next level of commitment.

Do you love cuddling too? Let us know which one is your favorite in comment.