12 Signs You’re Being Selfish in the Relationship

12 Signs You’re Being Selfish in the Relationship

Being selfish is a part of human nature. Right from when we are babies till we are thinking adults, we all want certain things in certain ways, refusing to compromise, and that’s what makes us selfish. Being selfish isn’t always bad… After all what’s wrong in standing up for your ideals and choices? However, when it starts interfering with your relationships, you might want to rethink. Whatever it is that you are being selfish about, is it worth giving up your relationship for? Often, we don’t even realize that we are being selfish with our partners. Your partner maybe dropping subtle hints that you are being rudely selfish, but do you realize?

12 Signs You’re Being Selfish in the Relationship

Here are a few telltale signals that will reflect whether or not you are being selfish.

  1. Your plans are your plans

Are you the one who is always making plans without consulting your partner? Forget consulting, your partner has no say in the planning part. All they need to do is agree and tag along. When you are making plans alone, you don’t give a thought to whether your partner would like it or not! [ Read : 10 Relationship Deal Breakers To Watch Out For!


  1. You decide all the dates

When it comes to dates, who does the planning? If it’s always you doing that, then you are obviously being selfish. If your partner has no say on when, where and for how long you guys will be going to a place, then there’s something really wrong.

  1. Things revolve around your schedule

Whether it’s a weekend plan or a mid-week impromptu date, things are always planned to accommodate your schedule. Your meetings, work commitments, weekend plans, everything matters. Your partner’s preoccupations, who cares about that! Very selfish, on so many levels! [ Read : Things You Do That Can Get You Closer To Your Soul Mate ]

  1. Super bowl nights are important

So you are a sports fanatic, good for you! Your girlfriend / wife likes rom-coms and chick-flicks. If she’s always with you while you enjoy your sports telecasts, while you bail out when she wants to catch the latest movie, then, my friend, you are being extremely selfish.

  1. You interrupt your partner when they are speaking

There’s a reason why a conversation is called communicating. If only one person does most of the talking then it is a monologue! Reflect here a little – in your relationship, do you do most of the talking while he/ she does the listening? If this is the case, you know what that means, right? [ Read : Know The Best Ways To Keep Your Partner Interested In You ]

  1. You never apologies

When was the last time you said sorry? When was the last time you actually felt like apologising and making things up to your partner? If these questions make you smirk, then you’re probably engaging in the selfish act of taking your partner for granted.

  1. You get competitive

Love is not a competition. It’s not a ‘give and take’ affair. It’s about being available for the other person. If you have been keeping tabs on what you do against what your partner does, then take my word, it’s a very selfish thing to do. [ Read : Partners Should Be Good Friends For Successful Relationships]

  1. You complain a lot

Cribbing is like a termite for the relationship. Unnecessary complaining signifies that you are not really happy. But if you are doing all the complaining alone, then it might be your own doing, and it could be because you are just being selfish.

  1. You never compromise

Whether it’s settling for the kind of cuisine you both would enjoy equally on the next date or the colour of curtains for the house, iff your partner does nothing but go with what you say, then it’s a compromise. And you aren’t doing any of it! [ Read : 10 Things Not To Do With Your Partner]

  1. Emotional blackmail is your forte

How do you get your way with your partner? Do you play the emotional card every time? Is emotional blackmail all you need to do to get your work done? Could you be any more selfish?!

  1. You’re partner has flaws. Lots of them.

If all you see in your partner are flaws, then one would question the reason why you both are together. No one is perfect, but no one has only flaws! Seeing flaws in others and none in yourself is utterly selfish. [ Read : 10 Signs Your Partner is Having An Affair ]

  1. Your partner’s always doing things to please you

Why should you always receive while your partner does everything in their might to please you? Stop being selfish and do your bit, too. Why should your partner always do things, while all you do is reap the benefits!

So guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. If this is your case, you better buckle up and take charge before things turn sour.