12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship. SHH!

12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship. SHH!

There are certain rules which can make or break a relation by just the usage of some inappropriate actions or even words. One should definitely keep in mind of how to woo your partner even after a long period in a relationship. If one even treats the other as an option, then the relationship will see off both the partners.

12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship

Following things can be kept in mind that act as a key to happiness in a relation:

1. Respect is all one needs!

What seems to be the first and the foremost thing that one can ask in a relation? It’s RESPECT! It’s good to agree to what your partner wants and needs but it needs to be done willingly, if one is imposing things on you then you should rectify the problems binding up and think of a good solution. Respect is not only a guy’s cup of tea, girls love it when their guys respect them in public instead of claiming them as their personal property. [ Check out: 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your #Relationship TODAY


2. Communicate

Communication is very important to avoid all kinds of problems. Just a straightforward conversation and solutions appears for everything. It will also help the partners to know each other better. Discussing of daily issues becomes as a must thing to do to avoid unnecessary problems. The bond should definitely not suffer because of the lack of communication between the partners. You should be a good listener before anything else in life. This will always keep you a way ahead towards success, be it success in a relation.

3. Don’t just expect things. Ask for it!!

Do a thing that make your partner happy, that is how the relationship works. It is fantastic if you do it willingly and without any forceful measure. Expecting in return may cause a lot of trouble in a relation as then you will start to keep a count of how much one has done for the other. Never even in the dreams it will work this way. Just do what your heart says and then you will see magic as how your partner will realize it someday.

4. Forgive and try to forget as soon as possible!

It doesn’t matter how big and severe mistake your partner has made in the near past, it’s much better to forgive him/her and try to move on. Focusing on the future is a wiser decision. Breaking up or being aloof is not the solution to every problem. Things should be sorted out in private without trying to involve any other third party in the issue. Communicating and talking about the issue will give you greater satisfaction. Try reaching a mutual agreement of how to close or end the chapter and move on or try not to repeat the same mistake again. Making mistakes is normal and is a natural human tendency but learning from the mistake is what differentiates wise from the other fools out there. There’s possibly no harm in forgiving your partner. Forgiving and forgetting is the best policy one can adopt.

5.  Spending quality time is a must, quantity doesn’t matter then.

There’s always happiness when you are with the one. No matter you do anything like playing a sport, trying a new restaurant or even watch your favorite flick together. You can always take out sometime for your loved one even in a hectic busy schedule. This will definitely strengthen your relationship and give you utmost happiness from inside. [ Also read: 7 Ways to Express Yourself and Keep a Healthy #Relationship ]

6. Compliments! Compliments!

Complimenting each other should never stop. It is one thing which can always give happiness at any time, any moment. They say girls like compliments but here is a secret, guys love it more than girls. It does not only give a smile on your man’s face but even it has the power to change one’s behavior for the better.

7. Choose your words very wisely.

Words contain a lot of power to either make or break a good friendship or even a relationship. They say first think and then speak. Words not only contain meanings but they contain a lot of power. You can hurt somebody with a word that may last in their memory lane forever and can even end a relation. Or another example comes when someone can heal you with a soft and caring word. Action may happen because of this in a micro second but it won’t heal in a million years too. Realization of this should make you mindful about things one chooses to say.

8. Power of touch!

The power of touch is definitely enormous. A simple hug can prove to be a life savior if at all one had a lousy day and all you feel is terrible all time round. A tap on the shoulder can prove to be a power booster or a motivational support. Virginia Satir said ” we need 4 hugs a day for basic survival. We need at least 8 hugs a day for maintenance. And at last we need 12 hugs a day for growth. ”

9. Freedom to be just yourself

Everybody deserves to act in a way they want to act, behave in a way they want to behave. There should not be any kind of restriction from any partner to the other. There is no point in changing anybody and nobody should dare to do that. What they have should be appreciated in every possible way. Adjusting your attitude is the only solution to be happy with everybody around you. You have the freedom to be yourself in every phase of life, here and then.

10. Let your affection shine

Almost anybody and everybody may claim that they love you. But what one expects are actions to prove your love and affection. Only the actions prove that how beautiful and caring your words actually feel. It is a must thing that your actions shine through your actions.

11. Just always support your partner!!

It doesn’t matter how crazy his/her idea might be, just try to always support your partner. The basic thing is that there is no right or wrong choices, there are just plain choices, and you never know what’s in store for you in the near future. No matter what your partner plans to do, just believe in him/her that they can do it with their full potential.

12. Never involve a third party.

Be it your best friend or your family member; just never include a third person in any kind of problem between a relationship of two. Nobody will harm it but you yourself might harm your happy relation as inclusion of any third person might cause issues in transfer of any conversation or any other thing of that sort. An issue should be sorted between only two persons.

So, finally go and find your loved one if you haven’t found one yet. There is a lot more happiness than you can think of in a lovey dovey relationship. Only the lucky ones get to taste this kind of charm. May everybody find somebody of this kind who can do everything that is listed above and who can prove to the best in the kind. [ Read here: 5 Fun Ways to Add Spark into Your #Relationship ]

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